Sadhguru: In the last few weeks I have been immersed in our new book, which is going to be published on Mahashivratri. The book is called, “Death; An Inside Story”. This is a book only for those who shall die!

I have been reading through it, and I am looking at all the idiotic things that will be said about profound dimensions of life, because people will take things from the book out of context.

But it is okay. I have reached a point in my life where I do not have to be politically correct, I will say what I want to say. In the initial part of my life I said it very raw, but because we had Dhyanalinga on our mind, I became a little diplomatic and clothed the same things in a nicer garb. I also started dressing up nicely! Otherwise I was raw in every way. Most of the content of this book comes from that time, which is very raw and direct.

I am in this mode now because I feel that the world is ready for a direct hit like never before.

Once again, the time for diplomacy is over. We will do a little more diplomacy for maybe another year, but after that we are going to go all out because social realities keep changing, but someone has to simply state what is true. Most of the beings on this planet who arrived at some profound dimension within themselves were generally not even understood in their lifetimes. We do not have such bad luck. We are doing all right. At least some people understand it. Some people love it, some hate it. But most of these beings found no understanding in their lives. Generally, people tried to kill them. They hounded them, poisoned them or crucified them. This has been the history of this world. From that perspective, we are doing very well. Some internet experts told me that over one billion people have watched our videos till date. But that is only sixteen percent of my target.


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Time to get Hardcore

Whenever a realized being came, the really wise ones never opened their mouth. Overenthusiastic ones like me opened their mouth and usually got killed. Some of them were wise enough to clothe it in different ways and try to make it a part of the social process, but after some time, whatever they said was misinterpreted in a thousand different ways and people twisted it according to their convenience.

Today we have an advantage that whatever we say is recorded. People cannot easily misinterpret it because we can just replay the video. It is not that we hesitated to speak in the past, but we avoided saying a few things sometimes, except in close circles. But I feel that with one billion people watching our videos, now the whole planet is a close circle. It is no longer limited to those who are living in the ashram. There are people in various parts of the world who have never seen me in their life, but they are very close and intimate.

In my heart and mind, they were already close but now even in their hearts and minds, I am close to them. We can no longer speak direct, hard things just to people who are sitting here. We must start speaking to everyone. Those who cannot digest it will have to go to the toilet!

In terms of reach and exposure, humanity has never been this available. This is a super over and we need to hit every ball for a six.

I am in this mode now because I feel that the world is ready for a direct hit like never before. An overexposure to all kinds of things right from an early age has made people hardcore. By the time they are fourteen, they are quite hardcore. Today, an eight-year-old boy or girl knows all those things that you could not imagine when you were fourteen. They are quite hardcore, so there is no point in talking soft stuff to them.

The death book is a very strong statement and we have intentionally left it just as it was said, without refining the language because it was spoken to a genuine seeker who was asking a genuine question at that moment. Now we are speaking to the world in the same way, which is going to cause lots of disturbance.

But in the life of humanity, this time is very important. In terms of reach and exposure, humanity has never been this available. This is a super over and we need to hit every ball for a six. Some people will not like it. Somebody who is unaware may get knocked out by the ball, but the rest of the crowd will love it.

This is not about whether people like it or not. It does not matter what they are looking for. They may be looking for love, sexuality, they may just be trying to buy something on Amazon, or they may be looking for enlightenment – whatever they are looking for, they must be hit. With the kind of population that we have become and the level of empowerment we have reached, if we do not turn inward now, we are going to be the biggest disaster that humanity has ever seen. 

The Only Problem

There is only one problem in the world – human beings. And the only problem with the human being is that he is unconscious and compulsive. Whether this unconsciousness and compulsiveness manifests itself in the form of war or a domestic situation, it does not matter. These are essentially different expressions of the compulsive behavior of the human being. You were given this level of intelligence, awareness and competence because nature expected that you will become a conscious process. You were given a full-sized brain believing that you will use it consciously. But whether you look at science, technology, politics, religion, industry, business –  all the major forces on the planet are functioning compulsively and unconsciously. So it becomes very important that the teaching also has a shock value, otherwise they know how to ignore it. 

This is not just for effect. That is how the truth is anyway. Truth is shocking. People tell lies even to those whom they love because the truth about every little thing is shocking. Very few human beings have a digestive system to swallow truth and be fine. If you give them the truth about themselves, they will freak out, because they have always been taught to be nice by the so-called civilization and religions. If you blossom into a full-fledged human being, you do not have to be nice. It is just nice, that's all. A flower has blossomed. It is not trying to be nice to you. It is just nice. It is wonderful by its own nature. 

Brace Yourself!

You must brace yourself because there are many processes happening. We have set fire in many places, which we will light up slowly. Unfortunately, we also have to tackle the environment. I wish that was not there for us, but that is a massive problem to a point where people are referring to me as a tree-planter, which I do not like. Now, with this trillion tree campaign, I will become a designated tree-planter. To extricate myself from that, I need to state the spiritual aspect a little more strongly. Otherwise, people will think that I am a tree-planter. Being a tree-planter is not a bad profession, but my business is to make people flower, not to plant trees.

Once it happened that a very enthusiastic salesperson saw a new development coming up. He saw that a few homes were already occupied and he thought he must be the first one to enter that new development and sell his vacuum cleaner. He went and knocked on a door. A lady opened the door, he just slipped in, took out a whole lot of horse dung from a bag and threw it all over the new carpet. He said, "I have a really fantastic vacuum cleaner that cleans everything without leaving a trace of anything, not a smear, not a little bit of smell and makes your carpet smell good. I will clean this mess in just five minutes. If I cannot do it, I will eat every piece of this horse dung.” Then the lady said, "Wait, let me go and get some tomato ketchup.” He said, “Why?” She said, “Because the house is new and we still do not have electricity.”

If you are forced to eat the dung, tomato ketchup helps. But because of this tomato ketchup, a lot of dung is being eaten in the world. If there was no tomato ketchup, you would clearly know that this is not it. Just because of a little ketchup you are not able to make out what is dung and what is the real nutrition. So we will take off the tomato ketchup.