Six artistically sculptured granite panels cover the aisles of the Dhyanalinga inner parikrama, illustrating the stories of six South Indian sages who attained enlightenment. Each panel captures a moment in their extraordinary lives. The panel of Akka Mahadevi depicts a moving scene of Akka in her love and dispassion shedding everything including her clothes as demanded by the king and moving into a sense of bodilessness. The second panel shows Kannappa Nayanar who in his childlike emotion offers his own eyes to Shiva. A heart rending event where Meiporul Nayanar, a devotee of Shiva, holds even a mere symbol of Shiva above his life comes to life in the third panel. Panel four depicts Sadashiva Brahmendra, a nirmankaya, who walks on unmindful of the state of his severed arm. Panel five depicts Poosalar and the miraculous event where his inner temple found recognition. The sixth panel depicts Sadhguru from three lifetimes ago and the birth of Isha, as the divine guru bestows his grace upon a forlorn sadhaka.