“Arogya” meaning health in Sanskrit, is the basis for wellbeing in life. Modern medical systems are well known for their quick and effective treatment of infectious diseases. However, when it comes to chronic ailments, modern healthcare methodologies, such as allopathy are limited to managing ill-health only when it manifests either physiologically or psychologically. In other words, they address symptoms of the chronic ailment rather than the ailment as a whole.

Unlike modern medicine, Indian systems such as siddha and ayurveda, as well as the science of yoga, address the cause of the disease, taking into consideration the environment, lifestyle, and socio-economic situations of the individual. The focus is mainly on enhancing health instead of just treating the disease. This cultivates the body to such a state that it is capable of adapting itself to the changing environment.

Isha Arogya is creating a system of healthcare that offers an effective and comprehensive approach to an individual’s health, while still remaining cost-effective and accessible. Isha Arogya combines allopathy’s ability to quickly cure infectious diseases with the efficacy of indigenous systems of medicine in strengthening the human body’s innate ability to resist disease. Combining these two methods of healthcare results in an approach that is no longer merely about combating disease but about creating a sense of wholeness in the individual.

Isha Arogya has setup Isha Arogya Centers in Tamil Nadu to introduce a new understanding of health in public perception.The centers offer complete healthcare, with free consultation, and include pharmacies stocked with siddha, ayurveda and allopathic medicines, as well as a full range of siddha and ayurveda personal care products for healthcare, skincare, hair-care and baby-care products. Two therapy rooms provide ayurvedic massage. Besides general consultation, the centers are equipped to provide specialty services for various chronic diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, asthma, skin ailments, migraine, knee and back pain, obesity, and hair fall.

Isha Arogya also develops herbal medicines from around 100 organically grown herbs. The project conducts research and studies medicinal herbs from different parts of Tamil Nadu.