An advanced program for those who have already attended Inner Engineering, Shoonya Intensive combines the dynamic Shakti Chalana Kriya, powerful and purifying breathing techniques utilized to boost the flow of vital energy in the human system, and Shoonya meditation, an effortless process of conscious non-doing.

Bhava Spandana Program

This meditation program is designed by Sadhguru to provide the opportunity to experience higher levels of consciousness. BSP allows participants to go beyond their limitations and experience limitless love, bliss and oneness.


Samyama is an advanced residential program conducted by Sadhguru at the Isha Yoga Center. Participants spend seven days in complete silence with long hours of intense meditation. The program presents the opportunity to receive higher levels of energy and experience explosive states of meditativeness in the presence of a self-realized yogi.

Isha Yoga for Children

This program offers a unique possibility for children to unlock their inherent potential and live in optimal health and inner peace. It consists of an introduction to simple yoga practices including Surya Namaskar, AUM chanting, Sukha Kriya and asanas.