#1 Yoga is the Best Life Solution You Can Offer to Anyone


Have you experienced moments in your life where you’ve truly and deeply wanted to give back to society? In pursuit of this, we choose professions, volunteer, donate to charity – all of this rewarding in its own way. But, as Sadhguru often remarks, what our planet desperately needs right now is to raise human consciousness.

"For the first time in the history of humanity, we have the necessary capability, technology, and resources to address almost every fundamental problem on the planet – including nourishment, health, education, and environment. The only thing missing is human willingness to make it happen. For this to take place, inclusive consciousness is needed.” - Sadhguru

How awesome would it be if you could play even a small but significant role in this?

Yoga is the way, and you too could bring yoga into many people’s lives by taking the simple step of becoming a Yoga Veera.

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#2 When You Show the Way, You Find Your Own…



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As you offer this life-transforming science to others, you will find your own life enhanced and beautifully transformed.

"I want you to know the joy and fulfillment of offering something that touches and transforms lives." -Sadhguru

Words are woefully inadequate in describing something so deeply fulfilling and fundamentally transforming. You have to experience it to know it…

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#3 Offer the Benefits of Yoga to Your Loved Ones

4 reasons why everyone must become a yoga veera reason 3

Do you have family or friends who are too “busy” to try yoga? You can get them to experience the yoga bug by offering this simple, empowering practice that takes only a few minutes of their day.

Once they start tasting the benefits, they will certainly want more! So try it!

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#4 Experience an Intense Sense of Involvement


Being a Yoga Veera is an opportunity to experience an intense sense of involvement. If you have never known what it is to experience something deeply, try offering a simple yogic practice to someone.

Sadhguru has made the process of becoming a Yoga Veera so simple and accessible for anyone and everyone. All it needs is willingness. You too can become a Yoga Veera!

All you need to do is offer this simple yet profound practice to one person per month.

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Editor’s Note: Read this article, where Sadhguru shares how becoming a Yoga Veera is an opportunity to dissolve ourselves and play a role in manifesting something far bigger than ourselves.