I ronic as it can get, when the environment meet at Paris is on, and nations that have contributed most for the disastrous climate change are negotiating hard to prove how India should rein in its development, though per capita carbon footprint of an average Indian is amongst the lowest. Chennai bears the brunt of calamity. Being a topographically ill-planned city complicates the situation, causing untold suffering to the people. No administration is truly geared to handle a deluge like this, but the suffering of the people can be minimized. The state government’s efforts, along with central funding, and the Army and Air Force stepping in, immense donations from corporates within and outside of the state, and above all, the people from outside the city making enormous contribution has brought relief to the people. The doughty spirit of Chennai is holding up to the occasion. The incessant rain has taken and broken too many lives. Too many heart-rending stories that will haunt the residents of the city for a long time to come. Homes are broken, businesses are wiped out, but the spirit of Tamil people has held on. Innumerable acts of courage and compassion will live as an inspiration and restoration of trust in the human bond.


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Homes are broken, businesses are wiped out, but the spirit of Tamil people has held on.

Isha volunteers have been active in a uniquely selfless way that has become a legend across the world. Isha also has set up 50 free medical centers to control the anticipated epidemic after the water recedes.

I urge all Isha Volunteers to step out and show highest level of integrity and insight in alleviating the suffering of the helpless people of Chennai and Cuddalore region.

I am with you and shall visit Chennai in the coming week in acknowledgment of your service and sacrifice.

With much Love & Blessings