During an interview to Dubai TV, Sadhguru looks at the strife in the Middle East, and explains that as individuals, we need to decide whether we want to enhance the problem or enhance the solution.

Video Transcript:

Interviewer: It’s like we are all having identity crisis, “who are we” nowadays. Throughout the research, I came across this quote because I want to bring the quote on the Arab world – “Mere tolerance does not cut it. We need to create an atmosphere of acceptance that embraces life in all its diversity.” Middle East is a region, where most of its country is lacking peace, acceptance and tolerance. In an environment of hate, unfortunately, that we are witnessing today in the region, how can we enjoy and embrace life?

Sadhguru: See when there is strife, when there is war, when there is killing, this looks like ridiculous. But the question is just this – do you want to enhance the problem or do you want to enhance the solution? The solution is only when people become inclusive. Will it happen today, or tomorrow, or day after tomorrow, or a 1000 years later, depends on how you and me live today. We may not see it, but we can start it.

Interviewer: Unfortunately in these societies, it is very hard to work together. So this is most of the challenges that individuals and people are facing today. They are not willing. The inclusiveness that you are talking, that consciousness is really lacking in this area of the world.

Sadhguru: That’s why I am saying. See if you plant a tree, you may not go and sit under its shade, you may not get to eat the fruit because it takes a certain amount of time. But out of your love for life, you plant a tree, next generation will enjoy it. Similarly, any great dimension of life, if you start, it will not get completed in your lifetime. If you start and set the right direction, the next generation will take it ahead. So our contribution is this. 

We occupy this planet for a short period of time. Everybody must remember this – our presence here is just for a short period of time, we don’t have to shorten it by fighting each other.

Interviewer: This is the only thing we are doing today.