​Sadhguru looks at how 90% of his life goes into just preparing people for ​the "real thing", and he is "yet to do something really inspiring."

Sadhguru: (Laughs) Nothing inspires me. When I say nothing inspires me – uninspired I’m on twenty hours a day. If I’m inspired, I’ll expire (Laughter). It’s better I’m not inspired. I’m bored with everything but I do everything with absolute involvement and intensity. Nobody has ever seen me doing anything slack, but I am thoroughly bored because it’s so silly and stupid. There are other things I could do, for which very few people are ready.

Interviewer: Like what?

Sadhguru: That can’t be put into words, I could… puff (Gestures), I could take you into a completely different dimension of experience, but not many people are prepared for that level of perception. Slowly we are increasing that number, it’s there. But the rest of the activity is a dumbed down stuff of my life. Ninety percent of my life is just dumbed down activity. People think it’s great – it’s their problem. In my experience it’s just dumbed down stuff. If we do the real thing then the audience is too small. So preparing the rest of the audience for the real thing, preparation is taking decades of work (Laughs). So I’m yet to do something really inspiring