Painting by Sadhguru, January 2012.


These creatures of the moon

in such delicious swoon

the sun in me not the only boon

to these creatures of the moon


Daily death, a must for the sun,

to be kept and nourished

in the pregnancy of the moon

It is her gracious reflection

that sees him through the night


Sun, the source of all known creation,

is but born in the coolness of the moon

The Creator placed such trust

in this unreasonable madness of the moon

Bestowed the womb to bear

and the feeding breast


May she flower and bloom too soon;

only then can there be worthwhile harvest

When the world knows the nourishment

of this womb,

in celebration will exist

these creatures of the moon

A  few years ago, when I was conducting a ladies Bhava Spandana at Spanda Hall, in one of the peak moments, I was witness to the Uniqueness of the feminine.  A powerful feminine force was so manifest in the air, my own body and energies were very much woman-like.  This was not new to me but on that day, it stood up in much grandeur.  Though from the same basis, how uniquely different the fundamentals of the feminine are.   This reality found a magnificent expression on that day and I thoroughly drank the nectar of the feminine and scribbled these words upon the notepad with my eye and attention holding on to the event that I was witnessing.

It is such a gross violation of the beauty of creation that today we have largely made feminine second class.  Aggressive cultural and religious attitudes are the main culprits.  The pettiness of wanting to be superior or better than the other has produced attitudes that make masculine a superior force, the grossness of holding physical or the material as ultimate is the root of genocide of the feminine.  Well, we have not killed the women of the world because of need but religion, modern science and now the corporate culture - all these are in an active mode of murder of the feminine.  Technology has facilitated the upward mobility of women to a more level playing field, but to a very masculine playing field.  Only in recognizing and experiencing that there is something more to life than the physical/material realm will the feminine find its true place in human societies.

I can go on forever on this.  Even Bhava Spandana is best conducted separately for males and females for the highest benefit.  Well, the mixed ones were conceived for overcoming logistical issues.  Right now, the mixed ones are going fine, but if we wish to refine these programs, they have to be separate.  To give you an understanding, in Samyama there is no room for anyone being masculine or feminine, but Bhava Spandana is a wonderful possibility for focused nurture.  I bow to the Creatures of the Moon for all that they have been to the World and to me.

Love & Grace

*Rille (the first word in the painting) - meaning, "A brook".



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