A gentle tremble spread across the iii in Tennessee with the conclusion of a very vibrant Samyama. Samyama is a test of many aspects of human nature. It tests one’s sense of endurance – physical and mental. It prunes the mind of a whole lot of clutter. Above all, it is a test of how joyful one’s body is. As, if there is no joy in one’s body, sitting for long durations in meditation can become excruciating.

Samyama is a fabulous process of transforming a prismatic mind into a plain mirror. That is, making it an instrument of clarity, rather than being in a constant state of psychological drama that turns the simplest aspects into acrobatic complexity. Everyone is going through the hoops and loops of their own making.

Have exhausted one set of volunteers out here; let me see what I can do in California….

Samyama is clarity beyond the Maya of mind structures. After eight days with over 900 people, an energetic intimacy that costs a lot of life energy to keep it going, had to travel the same afternoon to Augusta for a dinner engagement that was to honor a rising star of Indian golf – Shubhankar Sharma. The next day was a bonus; that I could be at Augusta Masters’ final day. Seeing some legendary players in action was a treat, but had to leave midway to be on time for my flight to Bengaluru from JFK. From thereon it has been a blizzard of activity.

The Happy Cities conference at Amaravati, a dream project of a visionary leader that needs massive funding and people’s participation to fructify. In and out of Amaravati in a few hours, and on the way to a profile-rich Hindustan Times Leadership Summit in Singapore. It was this commitment that initiated this travel, but Amaravati and Kuala Lumpur got added.

To the disappointment of many, for the Shambhavi initiation at KL, we could not find premises large enough for the demand, due to short notice, and had to settle for a 2k seater. The KL Shambhavi initiation was truly a global village sort with people from various countries and ethnicities – just every sort of face that you can think of was there. A big contingent from mainland China made the event seem like Look East Policy of Isha. Six days with engagements in four nations means a lot of flying, a lot of Airport time, too much of going through gruff security, and of course immigration officials who pretend to have penetrating X-ray eyes, though they can see nothing except the passport stamps.

In Singapore, waiting for my flight to SFO. Have exhausted one set of volunteers out here; let me see what I can do in California….

Love & Blessings

உலக கிராமத்திலும் உள்ளூர் போலவே உணர்கிறேன்


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