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Sadhguru: Vishuddhi, or Vishuddha, essentially means filter. If your Vishuddhi is active, it filters everything. Poisons can enter you in many ways – a wrong thought, emotion, idea, energy, or impulse can poison your life. An active Vishuddhi saves you from all these influences. In other words, once your Vishuddhi is active, whatever happens around you will not have an impact on you anymore. You will be established within yourself. And you tend to become a powerful being. We normally skip the Vishuddhi when people do sadhana because one aspect of activating the Vishuddhi is that you become competent in the occult. Vishuddhi is the center of occult. There are two types of occult – Muladhara type of occult and Vishuddhi type of occult. Adiyogi is the master of Vishuddhi occult. That is why his throat has turned blue.

Vishuddhi and Adiyogi

If you have reasonable mastery over your Vishuddhi, you will function on a different level of competence. People around you will think you are super human, though all that has happened is that you have accessed other ways of functioning. In many ways, Adiyogi is a representative of that, so much so that there are many names, such as Vishakantha, Neelakantha, and others, that describe him as an embodiment of Vishuddhi, not because that is the only quality he had, but because people recognized him for those things that were beyond their understanding.

Therefore, people recognized him for his Vishuddhi capability. His other capabilities were too subtle for them to notice. People expected something beyond what they considered as normal – in other words, they expected something weird to happen. If you put people on Vishuddhi sadhana, you will develop “weirdoes.” Who you define as “weirdo” is just a question of perspective. If you scraped the hair on your face every day, and someone else did not, in your understanding, he would be a weirdo. Or let us say one society developed the “sacred” tradition of cutting off a child’s nose after birth. If everyone did this and then one person came with an intact nose, suddenly that one would look like a weirdo. If one’s Vishuddhi becomes active, energy capabilities will come that will allow you to create many things. If one wants to transmit something and transform the situations around oneself, having a certain mastery over the Vishuddhi is very important. But, for one who is focused on the Vishuddhi, it is a little hard to fit into social structures. You have heard these stories of Adiyogi – sometimes he is very resplendent, magnificent, the personification of the masculine; at other times, he is all weird and crazy. These stories describe different states that people saw him in. When they saw him in Vishuddhi, he was in the cremation ground, the weirdest of the weird. He had ganas and all kinds of beings around him, because the moment the Vishuddhi is active, disembodied beings will naturally move towards you.

The Vishuddhi Attraction

When we were consecrating Dhyanalinga, I was preparing people for different chakras, but the Vishuddhi was one thing I could not train anyone for because we did not have anyone weird enough for a quick transformation, considering the kind of time constraints we had. So I decided to use a particular disembodied being, a yogi who had attained a certain strength in the Vishuddhi. The moment we started doing this, a cobra somehow crawled, unnoticed by anyone, through the gathering of about four hundred people, and sat in a small pit that I had made to do something. When I saw this guy was trying to have a free ride with me, I picked him up, put him in a bag, and told someone to leave him in the forest, which they did. After a few hours, again this cobra was back in the same pit. He wanted to be there because he saw this was his chance. When I used to meditate for long hours, either I sat on Chamundi Hill or in a small forest called Aloka in Mysore. Somehow I mostly chose to sit there in the afternoon, sometimes late nights. If I sat in the afternoons and meditated for a few hours, once I opened my eyes, there would be twelve to fifteen cobras sitting in front of me, waiting for a free ride. The moment Vishuddhi becomes active, they will be there. The cobra around Adiyogi’s neck is a symbolism that indicates the way to go and how things happen when the Vishuddhi becomes active.

Vishuddhi Is Not For All

Another reason why we generally skip the Vishuddhi with most people is because one who is looking for realization need not go through all these works. Only one who wants to explore the technologies of life, one who wants to transmit something, one who wants to become some kind of a repository for the future has to go through all this. For one who wants to just realize, none of these things are necessary – just a knock on your head, and it should happen. It is not all that complicated. But if you want to explore the nature of your existence, which is in some way a micro representation of the larger existence, it is an endless exploration. Because it is a limitless exploration, we are categorizing the chakras for the sake of understanding, so that when different dimensions happen, you know how to recognize them. Otherwise, there is no need for categorization. The recognition will never happen out of your knowledge of the chakras, but only out of the strength of your experience. Still, the nature of human mind is such that it cannot keep quiet. It is hungry for something new all the time. You have to satisfy it in some way. Otherwise, it will not stay with anything. You have to make your mind feel a little smart. Otherwise, the damn fellow will interfere with everything in your life. Everyone, without exception, somewhere deep inside believes they are smart. You may be trained to be humble in front of other people, but within yourself, you think you are smart.

Vishuddhi and the Blue-Bodied Ones

When one’s energies are centered in the Vishuddhi, one develops an electric blue aura. This is why all the very active, capable beings of the past – such as Rama, Krishna, and of course Shiva – have always been described as blue-bodied in India. If you want to be realized and be active, you need a blue aura; that means you need the Vishuddhi to be active. Otherwise, you cannot act in ways that are beyond normal capability. Those who had the necessary awareness saw that these beings had a blue aura, so they described them as blue-bodied, and artists painted them head to toe blue, not because their skin was blue. The symbolism of a blue body indicates a dynamism between sweetness of emotion and discernment of the mind. If too much sweetness of emotion happens, you do not want to be involved in the world; you are just fine the way you are. If the discernment of mind or intellect comes to such a point that you see everything distinctly clear, then you do not want to be involved with anybody. You become aloof. Only if your Vishuddhi is active, if you are “blue-bodied,” then you can have sweetness of emotion and discernment of mind. You can play with the world whichever way you want and still not be touched by it.

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