Question: Sadhguru, I had done a couple of yoga programs in the past, but the problem is that I'm not able to follow it strictly every day. There was a time when I used to do yoga from morning around 6:00 till around 9:30-10:00, for four or five hours, but I would say that's the peak. After that, it's completely gone. I'm not even doing practices these days, regularly. Why this on and off behavior? How do I change myself?

Sadhguru: You should never do yoga strictly - it will not work. And never do yoga for life, just do it today, that is all. “I'm going to do it my whole life.” Do not burden yourself with such nonsense! Today you do it. Enough, okay? Life is so simple. Why do you make it so complicated? “I'm going to do yoga every day of my life.” Please do not do it every day of your life; only today. It does not need any strict religious commitment. “Today I'm going to do it,” that is all. That is simple. One day you can do it, right? That is all. 

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