Top 5 Articles in 2019 

 Why Do We Immerse the Ashes of the Dead in the Ganga?

Sadhguru looks at why in Indian culture, the ashes of the dead are immersed in rivers and what would happen if these ashes were to get into the wrong hands.

Are you Desperately Looking for a Soulmate? 

Sadhguru looks at the idea that you can find a soulmate who will be a perfect companion, and speaks about the soul, love and why people come together.

3 Kinds of Yogis

Sadhguru talks about three broad categories of yogis – Mandha, Madhyama and Uttama. 

When Shiva Kicked Ravana Off Kailash

Sadhguru tells us a wonderful story of how Ravana was a fierce devotee of Shiva, but nevertheless ended up being kicked off Kailash! 

A Child Needs No Instruction Manual

Is there a step-by-step manual as to how a human being can live from birth to death? Here’s what Sadhguru has to say…

Top 5 Videos of 2019 

5 Tips to Naturally Cleanse Your Body at Home

Sadhguru gives us a few simple processes to practice at home, that can help us cleanse the five elements or Pancha Bhutas within us.


Overcome The Fear of Being Judged 

Is it okay to live in fear of being judged by people around us? Should the opinions of others influence us? Watch Sadhguru’s answer to a group of young IITians at Kharagpur.


Tips to Eat Right & Sleep Less For Students 

Sadhguru explains how food impacts sleep and the performance of a student. He also suggests what kind of food can help a student stay alert, focused and efficient.



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The Right Age To Have A Boyfriend or Girlfriend? 

A student asks Sadhguru, “What is the right age to have a boyfriend or girlfriend?” Sadhguru sets the context on what a relationship means, and gives perspective on sexuality and the time to get into a body-based relationship.


Ayodhya Dispute: Comparing the Legacy of Ram & Babur

Sadhguru compares the legacy of Rama and Babur, and explains what India needs to do to move beyond the conflict generated by the Ram Mandir & Babri Masjid issue.


Top 5 Tweets in 2019

Top 5 Candid Videos on Sadhguru Instagram

Skavlan Dilemmas - What Would Sadhguru Choose To Give Up?

Adventure Zone! Sadhguru rides a motorcycle over a raging river at 8700 ft MSL.

Radhe Jaggi joins Sadhguru to trek in the Himalayas.


@radhejaggi joins Sadhguru to trek in the Himalayas.

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What happens when you get a dog, a ball and a mystic in a garden? Watch!


What happens when you get a dog, a ball and a mystic in a garden? Watch! #Sadhguru #Dogs #Play

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Sadhguru Down Under With Australian Hay Fever


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Top 5 Daily Mystic Quotes in 2019











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