The second set of three days of Navratri are Lakshmi related – gentle but materially-oriented goddesses. Devi is adorned in turmeric during these three days. Sadhguru tells us about the importance of turmeric as an ingredient in kumkum. We also present Sounds of Isha’s Bhairavi Stotram rendition.

Sadhguru: The important ingredient in kumkum is turmeric – if it is properly made. Nowadays, many places are just giving chemical powder. If you want to chemically poison yourself, you can use that. But at the Linga Bhairavi an important ingredient is turmeric. Turmeric and lime together makes this. Turmeric is very beneficial. It has phenomenal benefits. It creates a certain vibrance around you, which changes the nature of the aura and it creates a certain glow.


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Turmeric not only works on the physiology, but also has a big impact on your energy system. It purifies the blood, body and energy system. For external purification, just take a small pinch of turmeric, put it into a bucket of water and pour it over your body – you will see, the body will be vibrant and glowing.

Bhairavi Stotram

The dynamic and resounding Bhairavi Stotram composed by Adi Shankaracharya.

Editor’s Note: Each day of Navratri includes the Navratri Pooja, a powerful opportunity to imbibe Devi’s Grace. The Navratri pooja includes an elaborate abhishekam of 11 offerings and a vibrant offering of music and dance thereby creating an explosion of energy with songs extoling Devi at her fullest glory.

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