Sadhguru: Recently, someone was talking to me about how she is conscious of certain energies and how different people and different forms and different spaces impact you. The science of consecration is just this. The best material to consecrate is a human being, because of all the physical forms on this planet, this is the most evolved. The easiest thing to consecrate is a human being, but the problem with the human beings is, every few minutes they will make a U-turn. You can consecrate them right now, but by tomorrow morning, we don't know how they will be. First of all, to get them committed to stay with whatever is given to them is a big issue, especially in today's world. Because of that, we consecrate other forms.

What Cannot Be Measured but Can Be Known

Today modern science is still busy studying physical things. Everything physical about you has been gathered from outside. What you call as my body is just a piece of this planet. You slowly gathered by the food that you eat. If everything physical about you is just something that you gave gathered, then it cannot be you. What is you? Definitely there is a dimension beyond physicality. If you ignore that, there is simply no life. But right now, the human logic which thinks it is scientific is still at a level where it concludes that “except for what I can measure on the instrument nothing else exists.” So actually all of you do not exist because you cannot be measured! 

This happened to me. I don't subject myself to these indignities anymore, but way back, because of some obligation I had to. I was at an institute, and they said, “We want to measure your gamma waves.” I didn't know I had gamma waves. They said, “No, there are gamma waves in your brain, we will measure them.” So they put fourteen electrodes onto my body and they said, “Meditate.” I said, “I don't know how to meditate.” They said, “You teach everybody meditation.” I said, “Yes, I do because they don't know how to sit still. If you want, I will sit still.” Their problem was they want what kind of meditation, they want a name and the process, and they want to measure the result. 

I was not going to give them that pleasure. So I simply sat. After about twenty minutes with some metallic object, they were hitting that funny place in your elbow where it hurts most. I thought it is part of the experiment and I sat there. Then they started hitting my ankle and my knee. It became quite persistent and painful. Then I opened my eyes and said, “Am I doing something wrong? Why am I being beaten?” They said, “According to our instruments, you are dead.” I said, “This is a great diagnosis.”  But then they thought through and said, “No, it looks like your brain is dead.” I said, “I’ll stay with the first opinion. ‘I am dead’ is okay with me. If you give me a certificate as ‘brain dead’, that's not going to be good.” 

Why I'm saying this is, the essential life that you are, you think you can measure it in some instrument? Only physical processes we can measure, isn't it? And you know, everything physical about you is from outside. It is just a piece of the planet. It is not yours. So if you think that because you can't be measured, you don't exist - what great conclusion are you making? 

So consecration is a dimension of energy which is not physical in nature, but it is concentrated life. Consecration is a way of creating a very concentrated life process. In certain cultures, particularly in India, every street was consecrated at one time. Still, there are fantastic spaces of consecration there. You must come and experience this. If you walk into a space, you can know how alive or dead that space is. Is it measurable by something? No. Only life knows life. If life meets life, it knows; when life meets death, it knows. Is there some instrument to measure this? No, because all your instruments can only measure physical processes. 

Living in Consecrated Spaces

Consecration is concentrated life process. No human being should live in unconsecrated spaces. If you care for humanity, especially children below fourteen years of age, believe me if you make sure they spend a certain amount of time in consecrated spaces, you will not have any of this nonsense of adolescence problems. Right now, if you are an infant, diaper problems; toddler means running away problem; adolescence means some other problem; middle age means crisis; old age means horrible. When are you going to live? You are looking at life process as a problem. You are making it a problem because you are trying to fit life into your intellect. No, your intellect fits into this life perfectly well. If you try to fit this life into this intellect, it is not going to work. 

Consecration is a dimension, a science and a technology with which you concentrate life in such a way your whole energy system bursts forth. We have created spaces like this. If people just walk in, because of the sheer intensity, simply tears start flowing. They don't know why. Every day, your cheeks should be washed with tears of love, joy and ecstasy. If this doesn't happen, you're not living yet. 


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