Wholeness Sharings

When this program was announced, there was simply no question in me whether I should go or not go. Nor was there any choice about it. I came to the program not knowing what to expect. I didn’t know what was going to happen, and basically came because Sadhguru was there, and he was going to be there with us.

The kind of schedule Sadhguru put us through every day, at the end of day we didn’t know where we stood, we didn’t know how to relate to Sadhguru sometimes. But at the same time, that’s when we started realizing that he was more than a friend and more than just the gentle being that we had known till then. We started realizing he was a spiritual master. We saw sides to him we had not seen till then, and which we did not even know existed. The kind of experiences we had, it was like every day, miraculous things were happening and people were experiencing so many things. There are many things that happened in the Wholeness program which I have not seen before or after that.

- Maa Gambhiri

In those ninety days, the first thirty days were crucial. I think Sadhguru didn’t even sleep for those thirty days continuously. Whenever we get up and see, he would be around us. Those three months, in every way we were very close to Sadhguru. He threw himself totally for every one of us, and was available to us in all the possible ways. Every moment, every moment he was with us.

- Unknown