Prahlad Kakkar, one of the doyens of Indian advertising, relates how Sadhguru and Inner Engineering have transformed his experience of life.

God in the Detail

By nature I am an extremely irreverent, non-believing, politically incorrect person who questions everything. I was reluctant, yet curious to accept the personal invitation by Sadhguru to do Inner Engineering as I didn’t even know him back then. I could not imagine three days of meditating. But I was curious, as to who this person was? What is this process that he is talking about and so I did it since I was free that weekend.

It left an extremely indelible and different kind of impression on me. It's not obvious to people but very evident to my family and the people around me. Inner Engineering tempered my attitude towards people, especially in dealing with incompetence. It has made me more philosophical, tolerant of their incompetencies. It has made me less loud and a wee bit more sarcastic.

The practices calmed me down and created a certain reserve of energy to see a job through. All my life I have said that God lies in the detail. I have tried to show this to my students and the people who work for me but most of the time I have failed. Then I visit the ashram and discover that detail and god lies everywhere. I am amazed and humbled by Sadhguru that the detail is everywhere and so effortlessly. So I asked, "Sadhguru what is the secret." He said “They work for you for a living. They work for me for Love."

- Prahlad Kakkar