Sadhguru: We have a lot of trees around the house, especially fruit trees. As a rule, we don’t pluck any of the fruits because we have enough food to eat, so we leave these trees alone for the birds, squirrels and others. Because there is so much food, they multiply in plenty. When the season comes, suddenly you find dozens of baby squirrels running all over the place. Generally, I travel most of the time and am not in the house. One day when I returned, I found that these squirrels had found their way into my bathroom. My room has a huge window and some kind of mesh has been fixed on it, but these guys are ingenious. If they find the tiniest opening, they will open it up.

I saw a few squirrels active and building their homes in my bathroom. I said okay, somehow they have managed to come, so let them finish and leave.

Because of the protected atmosphere with no predators or anything, all of the children grew up. But now the “son-in-law” wanted to build another house and chose my bookshelf in the bedroom. The son-in-law and daughter began playing havoc in my bedroom. 4:30 in the morning, they would be screaming their heads off, because they want to go out and I would have to open the door. I went through this because after all what can you do? Then another guy, maybe their uncle set up another house – because the real estate is so cheap and good! The whole house would be full of their “cheek, cheek cheek,” the whole night. Then, they got interested in my books. Unfortunately, they don’t know how to just read, they have to digest the whole thing! They began to really “read up” all my books. They were just all over the place, boldly running up and down the stairs and coming through the door.

I am a visitor in the house because of my travel, and once in a way when I entered the place, these guys would just look me up and down wondering “Who is this guy?”

If you observe squirrels they have all these expressions on their face. They were just sizing me up looking at this guy who had just walked in! Then I decided this squirrel business was going too far. We sealed up all the holes they could enter from and chased all the squirrels out.

That night I went and turned on the lights in the bathroom. There is a small crack in one of the walls and I saw two tiny little squirrels putting their heads out and sitting because both momma and daddy hadn’t turned up. I can't forget that scene. So, I set up a trap with some nice food and we caught them. But then where to leave them? They were still too young. So we set up traps outside to catch the older ones. We caught two of the older ones. I don’t know whether they were uncles and aunts or the parents. It must be the parents because they were trying to get back to this particular area. We put all of them in one box and let them be for a few hours and let them out in the forest after that.