Sadhguru: When I was going to school, I missed school every opportunity I got. I used to be a very agile climber of anything. They sent me to school with a tiffin box and water bottle and I had a bicycle, so I was equipped for the day. I would go give my attendance at the school assembly and then ride off on my bicycle to the biggest tree in the campus, climb to the topmost branch possible and go right to the edge of a tender branch and sit there.

The branch would just sway and sway and after two or three hours I would get into such a state, I would become so blissful like I just want to fly away from that place. I would just sit there the whole day. They hadn’t given me a watch when I was that young so when I saw all the other school kids going back home, I knew the time was up. I would get down and go back. Only much later, when I started meditating, I realized that when I was swaying I was meditating without even knowing what I was doing.