When it comes to wardrobe, one can certainly say that Sadhguru’s garb is not that of a stereotypical “yogi” or “mystic.” What then, is the intention behind his elegant and vibrant clothing?

Sadhguru: Until I completed the main mission that I had in my life of consecrating the Dhyanalinga, I used to dress very simply. For almost 20 years, I never entered a clothing store, nor did I buy anything for myself. People gave me some simple white clothes which I wore, and most of the time it was not to my taste or aesthetics. Aesthetics is very much a part of everything that I do but I did not focus on those things because I didn’t want to get diverted into anything else. I was onto something else. Once that was done, I thought, “Okay, maybe it's time I dress better,” and then I decided to design my own clothes. I wanted to wear something which is very representative of India. 

India has the maximum variety of textile products on the planet. I know the Indian textile so well now, after all these years of exploration. There are many villages where that particular village is the only place in the whole world where a particular kind of weave is made. If India learns to market its textile products properly, we can run the nation on it. So I thought my clothing should be very representative of India and that’s how I dress.