Sadhguru’s passion for cooking is well known. Arundhathi Subramaniam remarks in Sadhguru’s biography, More Than A Life, “His love of life extends to other areas as well. He enjoys cooking when he finds the time, and claims to make the meanest masala dosa on the planet. His daughter vouches for this (and adds with cheerful extravagance that he is ‘the best cook in the whole world’).” Gordon Ramsay, the voluble British chef famed for his eccentric ways, had many a good thing to say about Sadhguru’s cooking and the ashram’s food when he visited the Isha Yoga Center.

However, Sadhguru says that his schedule nowadays doesn’t permit him much time to indulge in "dosa-making."

Sadhguru: I used to cook almost every day at one time, particularly for my daughter. I would always cook whenever she was there. These days though, the mornings are totally out of control and there are a lot of things to do. I still cook once in a way in the evenings but it is rare.