It is not just about reproduction – as a mother, what kind of next generation you create is in your hands.

– Sadhguru


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‘Isha Thaimai’ is an initiative specially designed for pregnant mothers to bring more awareness about the pregnancy period and teach them how to keep their body, mind, and emotion in a pleasant way, in order to experience a joyful pregnancy. This program is also a platform for them to learn about how to deliver a healthy baby and the best ways to take care of the child.

The program is a series of fifteen weekly sessions that offers expert advice to pregnant mothers, with each session lasting for 2 to 3 hours. The first series of classes were held from April 22nd onwards at the Isha Arogya Center, Salem. On 13th May, the second series of classes started at the same venue.

During pregnancy, it is very important that the body, mind, and heart are kept in a pleasant way, as the aspiration is to bring forth a more highly evolved being than us.

In this culture, there has been an elaborate system as to how to take care of a pregnant woman – a whole protected system. There is a whole science behind this; over a period of time it got exaggerated and lost its significance. Otherwise what kind of people she should meet, whom she should see and not see, what she should read and not read – everything was fixed. Her room was done up in a certain way. The idea was to keep her in utmost pleasantness, so not a moment of anger, frustration or resentment should happen within her.

Once a woman is pregnant she was taken care of like she was a precious jewel. This was done because the kind of impressions she puts into herself also goes into the child. If she is in such a pleasant state, she will provide the best possible situation for the child to flourish.

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