Sounds of Isha's latest release is a Guru Purnima special - Maat Pita Tum Mere. Here it is, with lyrics and an English translation.

For most human beings, their relationships with others are one of the fundamental aspects of their life's experience. Among the most intimate relationships we hold – at least as children – is with our parents, in whom we had such absolute trust that we fell asleep in their hands. Growing up, many more intimate relationships may have blossomed in our lives. However, the most intimate relationship we can hold is with one's Guru, who can touch our lives in ways beyond our understanding. The Guru's presence is undeniable, and at the same time, unfathomable.

Sadhguru says ​a Guru is not a person, but a possibility. He explains that though access to the physical presence of the Guru may be limited, anyone who truly longs can access the possibility. Once this possibility begins to manifest in our lives, there is no one direction to go, He is available everywhere – in every breath – in everything - Sab Kuch Tum Ho Sadhguru.


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Lyrics & Meaning - Mata Pita Tum Mere

Guru Govind do Khade
Khake Laago pai
Balihaari guru Aapni
Jin Govin Diyo battha

Both Guru and Govind (God) are present
Who shall I bow down to?
I will choose to bow down to my Guru
Who helped me realize God

Maat pita tum mere
Mere prabhu mere guru
Jo hai aur jo hai nahin
Sab kuch tum ho Sadhguru

You are my father and mother
My Lord, my Guru
What is and what isn’t
Everything is you, Sadhguru

Maa ne diya janam
Pita ne diya hai naam
Andekhi ek disha
Bulaati subaho shyaam

Mother gave me birth
Father gave me a name
An unexplored direction
Kept calling me all day

Har disha mein ab tum hi
Kis disha ko naman karun
jo hai aur jo hai nahin
Sab kuch tum ho Sadhguru

In every direction, it is you now
Which direction do I bow down?
Whatever is and whatever isn’t
Everything is you, Sadhguru

Saanson ki ye dor
abhi shuru abhi khatam
Ye dor pakad tum tak aajaun
Ab karun yahi jatan

This thread of breath
No sooner does it begin than it ends
Holding this thread, let me come to you
This is my endeavour

Ho gaya hai jiska ant
Aur hua jo nahin shuru
Jo hai aur jo hai nahin
Sab kuch tum ho Sadhguru

What has come to an end
And what has not begun
Whatever is and whatever isn’t
Everything is you, Sadhguru


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