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After the ballistic launch in Delhi, on 4 September, Youth and Truth - Unplug with Sadhguru, received a warm welcome in its first event in the south. Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) was host to the second episode of “Youth and Truth”.
Sadhguru on stage with the three student moderators from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University | The Pulse of Youth AND Truth – TNAU

Youth and Truth is a month-long tour during which Sadhguru will be going to various educational institutions in India to bring sense and clarity to our youth. The next event is happening in CEG, Chennai on September 10.

Youth - A Time of Wonderful Chaos…

The liveliness of a person is in direct proportion to the wonder one has for life. Youth being one of the liveliest periods of life, it is naturally filled with a sense of wonder that comes from the millions of unanswered questions that arise within, about anything and everything. Beyond goals, beyond successes and failures, beyond dreams and ambitions, beyond emotions and intellectual arguments, there still exist the questions – some articulated, many unarticulated. A genuine question is the best tool to seek out the truth. It doesn’t get satisfied with simplistic solutions the world around has invented to cope with the uncertainties. In all this wonder and exciting confusion, how does one find the right path, or is there a right path?  

Youth and Truth” is an initiative launched by Sadhguru to enable youth to attain their fullest potential and bring about a much-needed sense of clarity and balance. 

Gearing up for the Event



When we spoke to various students before the event, they said they were excited to see and hear Sadhguru in person. While some had watched his YouTube videos or seen him on TV, others had just heard about him. But they were all looking forward to the event. As is true for every group, there were some who were downright clueless as to what the event was about that they were going to participate in. But when we explained to them what Youth and Truth was, there was an immediate change in their disposition and they confessed almost instantly that they had many questions they would like clarity on.

Cut to the scene inside the auditorium, where there was lazy chatter among the students as they were waiting for Sadhguru. But as soon as he entered, it turned into a revered silence, and the students unexpectedly stood up and applauded to welcome the “Chief Guest” as they sweetly referred to him. 


Before the event could commence, a few videos were played. Every time a Youth and Truth video came up, the students’ attention had a significant and visible shift. 

May the Quest Begin!


When the session began, the students took the floor to begin the Q&A, and the first question was about “stress management”. The student who asked the question said that when he told his friends he was going to speak with Sadhguru, the biggest question among most of the students was about how to manage stress. To which Sadhguru’s immediate response was whether something unwanted had to be “managed” or eliminated totally. He then went on to elaborate more on this question that was plaguing the youngsters of this University. 

Other questions that came up were about how rapists should be punished, about why people seek knowledge if ignorance is bliss, about misplaced affections, dealing with inner demons and what youth must focus on in their lives. Being agriculture students, another key question that came up was about why agriculture was not the highest contributor to the GDP, despite India being a predominantly agricultural nation.

What’s Buzzing on Social Media?

Students of Tamil Nadu Agricultural University listening to Sadhugru and the moderators at the Youth AND Truth in their University | The Pulse of Youth AND Truth - TNAU


The student panel then read out the most voted questions from social media for Sadhguru to answer. Some of these included questions about how to handle the anxiety of meeting new people, what youth can do to change the current trend of misinformation getting circulated as news on social media, and about how to overcome laziness and procrastination.

More Questions from the Audience!


After the social media questions, a volley of questions came from the audience. One question that surprisingly received a lot of attention and applause was from a young girl who asked Sadhguru about the secret to his success, remarking that what he had achieved was not something that could be done in a single lifetime. A lighter moment was when another college girl started her question with “Sadhguru, my love…”

The initially quiet audience had by now become a lot more responsive and free, and there were many more “yes’s” and “no’s” when Sadhguru addressed the audience to interact with them when answering questions. The students had a good mix of questions, ranging from “Should Tamil Nadu become an independent nation?” to “Can spirituality be the answer to today’s problems?” and “What should I do with my life?!”


Sadhuru interacts with students of TNAU under a banyan tree | The Pulse of Youth AND Truth - TNAU


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Editor’s Note: Sadhguru’s answers to questions from social media and at the various events from students and celebrities will be shared every day on our social media channels - Sadhguru Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. Stay tuned!

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