Guru Purnima marks the day when Adiyogi turned into the Adi Guru, and brought forth the spiritual process into the world. For the very first time, human beings were reminded that if they are willing to strive, every door in the existence is open.

Guru Purnima is not just a symbolic day – this is also a time of Grace. There is a certain assistance from nature itself for one to become receptive to other dimensions of existence. It is an opportunity to catapult into a completely new realm of possibilities.

I am with you.

Adi Guru

Ascetics distance
The stoic stance

All this they bore
And He could not ignore


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Seekers so intense
Broke his obstinate stance

Celestial sages seven
Strived not in search of Heaven

But to find a way for every human
To find a way beyond hell and heaven

They toiled for their race
He could not withhold his Grace

He turned his sacred face
To south to look upon their race

They not only beheld his divine face
But held the downpour of ultimate Grace

As the Beginningless One flowed
In knowing, seven sages overflowed

To release the world
From its crusted mold

To this day the sacred knowing flows
We will not rest until every vermin knows

Love & Grace

Editor’s Note: Celebrate Guru Purnima With Sadhguru, in the Presence of Adiyogi. Join in person at the Isha Yoga Center or watch the free live webstream.

Celebrate Guru Purnima with Sadhguru