Collecting the Cream of Sadhana

In this week’s Spot, Sadhguru speaks about the unique period of time between the winter solstice and the next full moon, which is very conducive for a person to make use of for sadhana. “This phase of the year from the solstice in December till the next Pournami is in many ways the most fruitful for those who are striving to transcend. This is the time life bears fruit much more easily than at other times. To make use of this, many things were done."

In the life of the planet, on which we exist and in turn, in the lives of all that exists upon this planet, this phase of the year from the solstice in December till the second Amavasya and the next Pournami is in many ways the most fruitful for those who are striving to transcend. This is the time life bears fruit much more easily than at other times. To make use of this, many things were done. The trees and plants bear fruit or flower at this time much more easily; not only because of the favorable temperature changes, but also because of the very favorable elemental changes that happen. Now, of all the five elements, one element which is playing a very significant or major role in the making of who you are, is the water. And it is only at this time, maximum amount of water is sitting off the atmosphere and on the land. As time passes, a huge volume of water will hang in the sky. You see, not a cloud in the sky! Gradually, as summer comes, a whole lot of water will rise, leaving the planet to deposit itself in so many ways.

This is the time life bears fruit much more easily than at other times.

Just after winter, when water is at its maximum upon the land, this is the time to transform the basic structure of the human body. This is so everywhere, but particularly in the northern hemisphere. Summer is not so severe in the southern hemisphere since most of the land mass is in the northern hemisphere. Over seventy percent of you is water. Whether you are aware of it or not, the body is aware of it. As the summer’s heat rises and water begins to go somewhere, your body doesn’t feel very comfortable. Spring time everything is at its best; the physical body feels at its best, it’s at ease. Being at ease, is not a simple thing. That’s one thing most of the humanity doesn’t even experience. What it means to be at ease? A mosquito can throw you off. A little insect can throw you off. You’re sitting here, if just a dry leaf comes and touches you, it can throw you off because the body is not at ease. Coming to ease is not a simple thing. Coming to ease means you’re in perfect sync with the Creation. The body comes to a certain level of ease, even if you’re an agitated person. In this phase, these two-and-a-half months, there is a certain ease in the system. One should make use of it. That’s why the sadhana. This is not ‘whipping’ sadhana. This is ‘collecting the cream’ sadhana.

It is actually much better not to collect it, just leave it, not bothered about what you’re making. Simply doing the sadhana. Every year, no account-keeping. Simply throw your life into it and see. Once in a lifetime, we’ll check. ‘No, no, no, that’s not possible. At least every day, we must know where we’re going, isn't it? At least once a day, we must know whether this is really working or not.’ If you’re checking once a day, you definitely won’t go anywhere. At least once a year we’re allowing, okay check your accounts and see, ‘Are we moving forward or backward?’ Whole year if you’re doing sadhana, now butter-collecting sadhana, ‘How much do I have?’

In this phase, these two-and-a-half months, there is a certain ease in the system.

To bring the system to ease, to such a sense of ease, that your body clearly, clearly understands that it's a part of this earth. The body understands it's a part of this earth, but you think you’re something, that’s a whole problem. If you come to a certain ease, your spiritual process becomes easy because the body clearly understands this. Even if you don’t get ‘I am not this’, the body has gotten it. Everything comes to ease. This ease in the physical body, this elemental comfort that it comes to with what is around, is very important.

The Shivanga sadhana for ladies will end on the ninth of February [Thaipoosam] and the sadhana for gents will end on the twenty-fourth of February [Mahashivratri]. This is to check the cream. This year’s sadhana, ‘How much cream have I generated?’ If you ask me, it's better to check once a lifetime. But if this is the last one, better to check every year whether you’re getting there or not.

When there is no clarity about the route you travel, milestones are a must. A milestone does nothing but just confirms for a wary traveler that indeed he is going towards the destination. But for one who is sure of his path and journey, the milestone is just a matter of checking time and not much consequence. Sadhana can be of many kinds, work and activity can be of many times, but harvest is the sweetest of activity.

May you know the joy of the process and ecstasy of harvest.

Love & Grace

Post updated on Dec 4, 2016

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5 years 8 months ago

Namasthethu Bhagavan Mahadevaya Namaha Mahavadevya Namaha

Yogeshwaraya Mahadevaya Thrayambakaya Thripurantakaya

Vikalagni kalaya kalagni rudraya neelakantaya mrutunjayaa

Saraveshwaraya sada shivaya sarveshwarya sada shivaya

Mahadevya Namaha Mahadevaya Namaha Mahadevaya Namaha

7 years 6 months ago

Sadhana can be of many kinds, work and activity can be of many times, but harvest is the sweetest of activity...BOW DOWN TO U MY DEAR SADHGURU

4 years 6 months ago

Namaskaram, Suniti.
Firstly, I wish you had found your answers by now that my late reply could be useful to someone else pondering at this the first time. Next, lemme tell you the truth that I'm n't as regular as you are with Sadhana and 'm still striving to know such sincerity. But, I felt I must be here for the experience I have had with Isha Yoga.

Isha Yoga, as you may know, touches the very core of who you are. The all-pervading divinity does exist in you too, and that is what is touched. What exiting your body causes it to decay and decompose, is touched; to bring about well-being in every dimension of life. Sadhguru says any health issue arising out of imbalances in the body will know total cure with regular practice. Only when a health issue's root cause is an invasion of a foreign body, should the need for external medication arise. But even in a case as this, I have to reinforce the fact that Shambhavi Mahamudra does boost our body's immunity system that a disease-causing pathogen will have to struggle much to break it. So, we are blessed. Very very... blessed.

But, you feel your practices aren't showing up a significant improvement in your health and energy levels. The energy levels that you have talked about is understood by me as a level of spiritual experience or something of that order. I feel you need to go through page 35 (page 47 in the e-book version) of Sadhguru's book titled "Mystic's Musings." There you find his answer to a similar question. Now, moving onto finding better health with Isha Yoga. I'm too suffering a health problem. After its deep manifestation in my body, I found Isha Yoga's prowess receding than what was witnessed before. Then, by Sadhguru's Grace, I identified and uprooted several hindrances to experience Isha Yoga totally. Following are those pitfalls, which if were troubling you, could be given due attention:

1. "HIGHLY" NEGATIVE PRANIC FOOD: I'm n't so regular, but the practice has marvelous effect on me by His Ever Over-flowing Grace. Once I consumed garlic only to end up experiencing an unique kinda pain in the back. Asafoetida too has a negative effect on my mind. After I knew this experientially, I have stopped consuming these; though I couldn't totally eliminate onions and green chillies off my diet. Please see if you have any issue as this. Being a regular practitioner, you might succumb to something like this. I'm n't sure, but feeling a strong possibility may exist.

2. WRONG DIET: I have a health parameter that easily skyrockets to give me a myriad issues. It just doesn't lower. A doctor told me that 30% of South Indian population is suffering this. Another doctor whom I had to consult on an emergency told me that even medication can worsen my condition. I'm not the kind that googles to find medical help. So, I never turned there. But one of my friends, an angel in disguise, came up with info that meant altering my diet. And, that has proved to be a great solution. BEFORE CHANGE OF DIET, I would feel great after Yoga. But that would end after intake of food. NOW, ISHA YOGA'S FULL PROWESS IS FELT IN A MUCH BIGGER-n-BETTER WAY. FOR ME, YOGA + DIET = BETTER LIFE. Irregular practice with the correct diet or Sadhana without keeping up food restrictions, do affect my health. Thus in my case, both yogic practice and food need to be taken care of, for life to be going on well. So, I wish you please check if your diet is playing villain in secrecy.

3. CHANT OF ANY MANTRAS: Once I was asked to chant a mantra that was meant to bring well-being into my life. Having learnt Sanskrit for 4 years at school, I could interpret what it meant: "let all my karma extinguish and lemme know well-being thereafter." I did both the chanting and my yogic practice; and found effects of my Sadhana reduced drastically. The Sadhana helps one distance the karmic baggage and experience a sense of freedom from it; but the chant of the mantra brought all karmic stuff to the fore and I was suffering very... badly. I realised this in a few days' time and stopped the chant.

I wish you also remember the following two things, if you had ever forgotten them:
1. KEEPING THE CLASS' EXPERIENCE ALIVE: Once Sadhguru told that Shambhavi Mahamudra bears fruit only when the "experiential" truths that we had come across in the class continues to live in us as reality. And, I have often felt that such truths form a part of life on practice without me having to bring them in consciously before my Sadhana. Hope this should be true for many and feel it's important to remember His words at all times.

2. "THE ENLIGHTENING TOOL": It was that point of my life when I was culling my Yogic bliss after eating wrong food. Then, only after few days of regular Sadhana, I would feel a lot better. Had there been no such illness, the impact of Yoga would easily exponentiate. So, I was in a way addicted to the practice. I shared this to an Isha meditator on an ashram-visit. I told her outright that skipping a day's Sadhana makes me go insane. She then promptly replied that that wasn't the way to perceive our Sadhana. She told me that ITS WHAT SADHGURU HAS OFFERED US FOR OUR ULTIMATE WELL-BEING. Its meant to lead us to our enlightenment and that I shouldn't perceive it with such compulsion. This made me recall the fact that after completion of seven days' program, ISHA meant "ANSWER TO ALL MY QUESTIONS" and that this truth was forgotten.

7 years 6 months ago

oh I was on a herbal medication and from last week I was continuously on stomach upset when I stopped the medication stomach upset stopped..Then I went to an acupuncture doctor and he examined the nadi and said your body has more water content...and he was amazed and said why there is so much raise in water on your body...Now I could get somewhat...Bowdown Guruve!!!

7 years 6 months ago

Thank you Sadguru for the information and reminder. Is it till Maha Shivrathri? Pl guide me.

7 years 6 months ago

I wanted to know how people in other countries can check where they are in the spiritual journey. Even being here in the US can we do the Sadhana or we have to be in India or go to India at one point after the Sadhana ends?

7 years 6 months ago

I am daily doing the Sambavi Mahamuthra for the past one and half a year. But still I am not able to forget myself or thoughts when I am sitting with Dhyanam. Please help me .

7 years 6 months ago

after reading this article, i somehow related it to my life. just like seasons where there are times when fruit-bearing is at its peak, there are also times in my life where many blissful things and blessings come my way and there are also the cold seasons in my life where i am faced with obstacles but life and nature works that way, this is just a reminder to us that no matter how hard the problem we have there will always be better days. more than seeing the low points, we should always remember that blessings.

7 years 6 months ago

No need to focus on the thoughts, just focus on the breath, the rest will happen. If you're having difficulties with the practice, best you can come to the Isha Yoga Center or an Inner Engineering program and get your practice looked at by a trained teacher.

7 years 6 months ago

I am doing Shambhavi Mahamudra for last one year with hardly any missed days. I am still not experiencing the rise in energy. I had been having physical problems continuously ---my acidity is not reducing , sometimes I get joint pains, I have poor sleep on certain days and experience a kind of insecurity but I have not given up. I had been to monthly sathsangs and got my practises corrected but still I do not experience what others talk specially on energy and health levels. Pl advise and guide.

7 years 6 months ago

Does this shambavi mahamudra practice help people having hypothyroid and fibromyalogy ? Because of constant severe body aches doing everyday practice ..... how to continue? I'm confused... please help me.

7 years 4 months ago

Namaskaram Sadhguru,
After going thru Shivanga, wanted to know if I have really increased or accelerated my intensity. On any day sitting in space of Dhyanalinga/samyama with you is magical, however the moment I come back to normal life or consciousness, it doesnt seem that I have gained or done anything. And when I get back to attend day to day problems I seem to be entagled still. For the sake of physical, materialistic wellbeing have started visiting Devi equally the moments with Devi is spent with equal intensity, however the life problem persists, and mind keeps recycling very odd and disturbing thoughts. Doubts galore. sadhguru, please guide us to surely know whether we are proceeding , we couldnt take our own judgement on us seriously, as mind keeps confusing, is there any common yogic technique to check or understand the intensity of ones self, the being. Please bless us.