I n the life of the planet, on which we exist and in turn, in the lives of all that exists upon this planet, this phase of the year from the solstice in December till the second Amavasya and the next Pournami is in many ways the most fruitful for those who are striving to transcend. This is the time life bears fruit much more easily than at other times. To make use of this, many things were done. The trees and plants bear fruit or flower at this time much more easily; not only because of the favorable temperature changes, but also because of the very favorable elemental changes that happen. Now, of all the five elements, one element which is playing a very significant or major role in the making of who you are, is the water. And it is only at this time, maximum amount of water is sitting off the atmosphere and on the land. As time passes, a huge volume of water will hang in the sky. You see, not a cloud in the sky! Gradually, as summer comes, a whole lot of water will rise, leaving the planet to deposit itself in so many ways.

This is the time life bears fruit much more easily than at other times.

Just after winter, when water is at its maximum upon the land, this is the time to transform the basic structure of the human body. This is so everywhere, but particularly in the northern hemisphere. Summer is not so severe in the southern hemisphere since most of the land mass is in the northern hemisphere. Over seventy percent of you is water. Whether you are aware of it or not, the body is aware of it. As the summer’s heat rises and water begins to go somewhere, your body doesn’t feel very comfortable. Spring time everything is at its best; the physical body feels at its best, it’s at ease. Being at ease, is not a simple thing. That’s one thing most of the humanity doesn’t even experience. What it means to be at ease? A mosquito can throw you off. A little insect can throw you off. You’re sitting here, if just a dry leaf comes and touches you, it can throw you off because the body is not at ease. Coming to ease is not a simple thing. Coming to ease means you’re in perfect sync with the Creation. The body comes to a certain level of ease, even if you’re an agitated person. In this phase, these two-and-a-half months, there is a certain ease in the system. One should make use of it. That’s why the sadhana. This is not ‘whipping’ sadhana. This is ‘collecting the cream’ sadhana.

It is actually much better not to collect it, just leave it, not bothered about what you’re making. Simply doing the sadhana. Every year, no account-keeping. Simply throw your life into it and see. Once in a lifetime, we’ll check. ‘No, no, no, that’s not possible. At least every day, we must know where we’re going, isn't it? At least once a day, we must know whether this is really working or not.’ If you’re checking once a day, you definitely won’t go anywhere. At least once a year we’re allowing, okay check your accounts and see, ‘Are we moving forward or backward?’ Whole year if you’re doing sadhana, now butter-collecting sadhana, ‘How much do I have?’


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In this phase, these two-and-a-half months, there is a certain ease in the system.

To bring the system to ease, to such a sense of ease, that your body clearly, clearly understands that it's a part of this earth. The body understands it's a part of this earth, but you think you’re something, that’s a whole problem. If you come to a certain ease, your spiritual process becomes easy because the body clearly understands this. Even if you don’t get ‘I am not this’, the body has gotten it. Everything comes to ease. This ease in the physical body, this elemental comfort that it comes to with what is around, is very important.

The Shivanga sadhana for ladies will end on the ninth of February and the sadhana for gents will end on the twenty-fourth of February . This is to check the cream. This year’s sadhana, ‘How much cream have I generated?’ If you ask me, it's better to check once a lifetime. But if this is the last one, better to check every year whether you’re getting there or not.

When there is no clarity about the route you travel, milestones are a must. A milestone does nothing but just confirms for a wary traveler that indeed he is going towards the destination. But for one who is sure of his path and journey, the milestone is just a matter of checking time and not much consequence. Sadhana can be of many kinds, work and activity can be of many times, but harvest is the sweetest of activity.

May you know the joy of the process and ecstasy of harvest.

Love & Grace

Post updated on Dec 4, 2016