Humans are the only species on the planet that are referred to as Being. There is no such thing as a tiger-being, elephant-being, reptile-being, or cockroach-being – only Human Being. There is no greater honor for any species than to be a Being. That means it is significant even if it is not doing anything. Human Beings are not significant because of what they do. Human Beings are significant because of the quality of their Being. But unfortunately, how many humans are really Being – that is the big question. Essentially, everything that we are attempting in Isha is to bring you this sense of Being.

If I say, “Simply Be,” you do not know what it means. Or if I say, “Don’t do anything” – that is one thing you cannot do. Either in body, mind, emotion, or energy, you have to do something. So I am telling you, “Be with me.” In doing, there is this and that. In Being, there is no this and that. In trying to Be with me, there is still doing involved. In that sense, “Be with me” is only a ploy. Essentially, you have to Be. But this “Just be” thing that is propagated in popular culture is nothing but mental circus – people only think they are Being.


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As I have already invested a large volume of Energy for this purpose, you shall find it Supportive, Exhilarating, or even Ecstatic.

You could choose to Be with anything, but those somethings or somebodies may not be supportive for your wellbeing. If you try to Be with someone else out there, a dog, a cat, or anything for that matter – they do not know how to support your Being, because they themselves do not know how to Be. Even if you are trying to simply Be, they will want you to do something – “What are you just staring at me like that for? Say something!” In Being with me, if you pay absolute attention, I will destroy your doing. You will experience moments where you are not doing a thing on any level. In the realm of physical phenomena, this is called induction. Your situation is just like that. You have come as a complete human being. Everything that is needed is there, but still you do not know how to simply Be. It needs an induction. Induction needs energy. Energy costs life.

If you can really Be without any sense of doing, there is no such thing as Being with. “I am being with somebody” is only a phrase. In a physical sense, maybe you can be with somebody. When you are truly a Being, there is only one. Everything in this existence is “me, me, and me alone.” That is the beauty of Being. When you are doing, you have to do something with something or somebody. The moment action comes – whether in body, mind, emotion, or energy – there have to be two or more entities. Only in Being, there is just one entity. In simply Being, you become one with everything.

Being essentially means yoga. Yoga means union. As the word yoga has become popular – like any other four-letter word – people have started using it to refer to something. Yoga is not about something. When there is no something, no this or that, when everything becomes one, there is union – that is called yoga. In the ultimate sense, yoga means to become one with everything. We need to get this idea out of people’s heads that yoga means some impossible posture. When we are doing, our terrain is limited – no matter how big our action may be. When we are being, there are no limitations.

When you are trying to Be, it is important that you are Being with something that is energetically supportive. Something that will not cause division. Something that will not enhance your identity. Something that will destroy your identifications. Identification means individuality. Individuality means limitations. “This is my personality” means “this is my limitation.” People are saying it proudly, out of ignorance. They have also told you “ignorance is bliss.” But if that was so, by now the entire world population should be totally blissed out. Ignorance is bliss – till you hit the ground. If you jump off from a tall building, it is really wonderful – till you hit the ground. In ignorance, there are brief moments that are truly wonderful, when you are not seeing the reality. Being means you are absolutely in reality. Doing, thinking, means you are making up something. In simply being, you are not making up anything anymore.

Simply being does not come easy. So, be with something that supports your being. Something that is always striving to energetically destroy your boundaries. In that sense, I am telling you, “Be with me.” Wherever you are, try and Be with me, for a specific time. Six twenty in the morning and evening is best. Use a picture if necessary or just close your eyes and Be with me. As I have already invested a large volume of Energy for this purpose, you shall find it Supportive, Exhilarating, or even Ecstatic. Try Me.

Love & Blessings

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