The Cause of Chronic Disease – A Poisonous Soup

Sadhguru answers a question on how chronic diseases are caused by the thoughts and emotions that we generate, which ultimately poison the chemical soup in our body.
The Cause of Chronic Disease – A Poisonous Soup

Sadhguru answers a question on how chronic diseases are caused by the thoughts and emotions that we generate, which ultimately poison the chemical soup in our body.

Questioner: Sadhguru, you mentioned in previous discourses that 70% of all illnesses are mind-created. If that is so, what would be the emotional and thought pattern behind it, and how to correct that?

Sadhguru:You sound like a disciple of Freud. Only recently, certain letters became public that showed how hollow this man was who is seen as the father of modern psychoanalysis. This is not the way to approach it.

To give you a simple analogy – suppose your right hand was acting funny, beating you up, strangling and torturing you every day – would this not be sickness? For sure it would be. That is exactly what your mind is doing. It is acting funny, hurting you, poking you, making you cry, making you suffer – is this not sickness? But too many people are with you – you can form an army of sick people. When there is an army in front of you, sick or otherwise, there is no point in arguing with them – just bow down to them and keep going. That is what most enlightened beings have done – they just closed their eyes and sat.

Ancient societies always saw disease as something wrong. But modern societies are treating disease as normal, because there is a whole industry that thrives on it.

Sickness can manifest in many ways in the physical body. Every thought, every reverberation on the level of the mind changes your chemistry. Let’s say you think about tigers, one kind of chemical change will happen. If you think about flowers, another kind of chemical change will happen. Depending on the type of thoughts you create, you may produce a lousy, poisonous soup.

If you are soaked in this poisonous soup on a daily basis, how can you be well? Today, we only have limited control about what we eat, what we drink, what we breathe – all that is somewhat poisoned. The world is trying to poison you in some way, but if you are not only on industrial help but on self-help, depending upon how hard you strive, you will succeed. You know, “self-help is the best help.”

Ancient societies always saw disease as something wrong – a human being should not be in any state of illness. But modern societies are treating disease as normal, because there is a whole industry that thrives on it. One of the largest industries on the planet is pharmaceuticals, which means there is too much lousy soup. Every day, you have to add something to it to make it nice. If you are willing, we can make this into a wonderful soup, without external chemicals. Once your chemistry is in a fantastic state, to be blissful will be natural. That way, 70% of the ailments could vanish from the planet. For the remaining 30%, there are many external influences, which are not always in your control. But what you are doing from within can be 100% in your control.

If you are constantly creating a nasty chemistry within you, how is life within you supposed to understand you are seeking wellbeing? It will assume you like ailments and will give them to you. Some people may have a robust system that will take a lot of beating – some people will fall at the very first assault. But if you are poisoning your system from within through the thoughts and emotions that you generate, sooner or later, it will get you.

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Many may not be able to understand this.People doesn't know how not to spoil their mental health

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6 years 2 months ago

Thankyou SADHGURU..

6 years 2 months ago

My negative thoughts I brew every day
With fear, anger, and jealousy at play
And when they put me down, I cry and whine
Not knowing that the poison cocktail was all of mine .........

There are too many "mentally sick", people of varying degrees (including me) on this planet completely unaware of the severity and cause. Sadhguru's insight is our only hope and the path He has shown a way of cure and freedom.

6 years 2 months ago

As we feed the mind, so we feed the body, and vice versa. Clearly, the connection between mind and body is well established. Our ancient seers knew this well before any western thought could even begin to fathom this. We have within our nation, some of the greatest thinkers and philosophers. Blessed are we that understand and value the greatness of our ancient culture! Thank you Sadhguru.

6 years 1 month ago

Got the message: "Mind the mind." Before I think how I'll go about that, I recall another great learning from you. You got the secret out for me: the mind knows no subtraction, all that it knows are addition and multiplication. Its high time I ensured what gets in.

6 years 1 month ago

Pranams Sadhguru for the clarity. grateful.

6 years 1 month ago

very well explained. That's why I love to read and watch his lectures. Still a question pops up in my mind. Ramnaksrishna paramhansa and swami vivekananda were way much spiritually advanced than us. Even then they both had chronic diseases. While their bodies and mind were constantly engulfed in spiritual bliss, how could they get those diseases. Please don't get me wrong i am just curious about this. Everytime i ask this question people say its because of their past karmic factors. Is this the only answer ? If yes then why they were not able to dissolve it. I would be really thankful if someone can ask this from sadhguru himself. Thanks again

6 years 1 month ago

This question has puzzled me in the past, until when I read autobiography of a yogi, then it occurred to me that the guru sometimes takes on the karma of the devotee , and this can be done in whatever way they choose.
Thank you

5 years 8 months ago

May be it could be that, they were spiritually so very advanced that, they were no longer the body that they were in. So they didn't care about their own body, but interested in improving the consciousness of others.

4 years 10 months ago

Enlightened ppl discard the needs of the body and focus all their efforts to spiritual up-liftment of the society. Hence the body get sick.