After Sadhguru’s visit to Mauritius early this spring, the eagerness to bring Isha Yoga to this exotic island manifested in a 7-Day Spiritual Retreat at the Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa. Set in a picture perfect tropical paradise in the middle of the Indian Ocean, the stunning scenery set the whole tone for the journey of wellness and beyond. The soothing rhythm of ocean waves, and stunning turquoise waters mixed with a relaxed Mauritian atmosphere, laid the ideal ambiance to drop all the worries and just be.

Participants came from all over UK, France, US, Austria, India & Mauritius – some just wanting a vacation from their hectic lives, others just looking for wellbeing.

Stunned by the natural beauty, participants were given a chance to experience inner beauty with a variety of sessions to choose from – many of them being offered for the first time by Isha Yoga sessions coupled with luxurious treatments offered by the Spa, participants were surely pampered and taken care of in all dimensions, from the physical to the subtle.

With sessions running from 5:30 am to 10 pm over 7 days with half a dozen volunteers/teachers, it was an intense experience which somehow left us charged up and going, fuelled by something beyond what we could understand.

The day started close to sunrise with Surya Kriya, a powerful practice aligning participants to the cosmos and activating the sun within. What an opportunity for many to experience Surya Kriya as it is the first time it is being offered outside of the Isha Yoga Center, after Sadhguru has spoken about it in the Hata Yoga Training.

The morning continued with Upa Yoga & Angamardana, loosening up joints and muscles and no doubt working up a sweat in the participants! Many sessions were set in the outdoors, allowing the ocean breeze to refresh everyone. Other sessions included daily Isha Kriya, open to all the Resort guests, along with Mantra yoga, Nada yoga and Spiritual discourses by Sadhguru.

Klesha Nashana Kriya (Aura cleansing) empowered by Linga Bhairavi Gudi was offered for the first time outside of the Yoga Center & Isha Life and had a strong impact on many of the participants. This is a powerful process which destroys impurities and leaves one’s system cleansed and energized, leading to physical health and mental wellbeing. For many of them, somewhat sceptical at first, they couldn’t deny that something had touched them beyond what they could understand. They sat, eyes closed in the presence of the Devi, in deep meditative states mindless of time and space. Linga Bhairavi’s Grace working wonders all the way in Mauritius!


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The Inner Engineering program was the main feature of the retreat. It left all the participants in tears, deeply touched and eager to further pursue this path.

In the evenings, just after the sun disappeared along the horizon into the ocean, Bhuta Shuddhi process allowed participants to benefit from this deep yogic science which involves purification of the five elements within the human system – a stepping stone to one’s ultimate wellbeing.

Participants had the chance to unwind from the day’s activities while dining with Mauritian & Indian specialties, serenaded by Sounds of Isha, adding the Isha touch to the tropical setting. The captivating rhythms drew people of all ages to listen, clap and dance.
We won’t forget the 3 year old child, who every night would run towards the dais to sit mesmerised in front of the music stage.


“ It has been an unforgettable experience for me, it will stay with me for the rest of my life, it has helped me see things in perspective and bring a serenity that I have never thought possible, I met new friends and I see life in a totally new perspective."

- Jean-Pierre, Financial Director, Retreat participant

“I had no idea who Sadhguru was, I didn’t know anything about Isha Foundation, doing the program absolutely changed my life completely transformed me. There are so many people seeking so much more than what they currently have. We are constantly looking for that little something more and when you get the opportunity to touch just a little bit of this, it is just amazing. For me personally it had opened so many doors, everything has started linking. It has been an incredible journey."

- Novie, Spa Manager Shanti Maurice - Event organizer

It is probably the most simple path and recipe, it is very accessible to the inner landscape of myself, it deepened my gratitude, joy and connection with people, the universe and everything. I feel very blessed and I am really impressed with the serenity and devotion of the living examples of all the teachers and musicians and their inner radiant joy.”

-Heather, Mauritius, Inner Engineering participant