S adhguru has passed the Federal Aviation Authority written exam! And that too, with ‘flying’ colours!!!

The day of the exam, the residents of iii were constantly asking ‘any news?’ eagerly waiting to hear the result. As soon as we received the news he had passed, they were busy planning a huge celebration. Everyone was thrilled, there was so much joy amongst them. One resident shrieked and hugged me when I told her. Her eyes filled with tears of joy!

The last few days, the residents barely saw him. He had his head deeply buried in his books, studying 18 hours a day intensely. Something he has never done in his life. He even commented if his father saw him studying like this, he would die of joy!

Even his flight instructor could not believe he could grasp the complex mathematical, aerodynamic, engineering and navigational concepts with such ease. What takes his average student 4 months of studying, Sadhguru picked up in 4 days! He has said he will use Sadhguru as an example to inspire his students.

I was carrying his books from India, they had remained unopened until just before the exam. He had been busy with programmes in LA, various meetings, home consecrations and only started looking at the books 4 days before the test. Once he started though, there was nothing to stop him! Many times he wouldn’t even take a break for food; his focus was just on one thing, studying and clearing the exam.

I have never seen anyone study this intensely. As a medical student I thought we studied hard, even those of us who swotted up at the last minute - but no one studied like this. In the mornings I would see red eyes; of course he had been up studying until the early hours of the morning, then up again at the crack of dawn. Observing him in the last few days has made me see that if you really set your mind on one thing and keep a clear focus, even the impossible is achievable.

Diwali came and went. The residents had lit the courtyard with lamps and fire torches, sweets were distributed, special foods were prepared. We all sat around a campfire listening to beautiful melodies by Sounds of Isha. There was a festive mood as most of us danced into the night. Sadhguru joined us and started a sathsang with the ‘He Devi’ Aarti. Everytime I hear him sing this, it touches something deep within me and takes me to a different place. Soon after leaving most of us mesmerised by his presence, he returned back to his books again.


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Halloween came and went, still studying!!! We carved out a pumpkin and left it lit for him, something to give him company whilst he studied! Many residents were becoming somewhat concerned ‘How is he doing’, ‘Is he OK?’ ‘Is he eating?’ I was deeply touched by the love, devotion and concern everyone has for him here at iii.

Despite having such limited time and that too the day before the exam, he joined the residents for brunch followed by a sathsang. Most were relieved to see he was fine and even happier to see him eat something. He came for a walk, something he has not done in a long time, he had several times commented how he is sitting in meetings or programmes all day, does not even have time to just simply take a walk. Though it was cold, the sun was shining on us as we walked through the forest, the leaves on the trees were displaying a variety of splendid colours - crimsons, russets, yellows as the fall was setting in. We visited the proposed sites for the Theerthakund and Devi Temple. Oh, how wonderful it will be to have Devi in Tennessee! Already the ‘in-colour’ seems to be RED!

Well, the day before the exam I was getting a little concerned, just knowing the volume of material he still had to get through. I even asked one of the Maas in the temple to light a deepam and make a wish……

I asked Sadhguru “What if you don’t pass? Perhaps we shouldn’t tell anyone that you’re sitting for the exam, that way if you don’t make it, no one need know” He casually responded “ If I fail, so what, let everyone know Sadhguru flunked, I’ll put it on the spot”. I was alarmed “No, no Sadhguru, you cannot do that – you will just have to pass!”

As he left for the exam, he had this confident look as if he knew there was no way he would fail!

Due to bad weather, he was unable to complete the practical part of the exam but I am certain he will have no problem with that. Having seen how well he manoeuvres the helicopter through choppy weather conditions, heavy rains and strong winds, I’m confident he will soon have his pilot’s licence and we’ll be seeing a lot more of him in the skies. Watch out!!!!

So it all came to fruition! As he arrived back at the ashram to the sounds of drums, residents lined up with a huge banner ‘CONGRATS’, dancing, spinning around like the blades of a chopper.

What a way to end the stay at iii. He leaves with an exam certificate and the memory of many joyful faces. No time to rest for him though……early morning he’s off to New Jersey for a programme.

- Isha Volunteer