Whatever kind of memory the mind carries, I see a lot of people in the world are pretty low GB in their mind, but their bodies are phenomenal GB. Your body still remembers just about anything. Your great, great, great-grandmother’s nose is sitting on your face right now. Your body has not forgotten. I’m sure your mind has no clue who your great, great, great whatever was. How your forefathers looked a million years ago, your body still remembers. Your mind doesn’t.

In terms of carrying and transmitting qualities from generation to generation, across thousands of generations, body is a far more significant thing than your mind. You can think one way today, think another way tomorrow. Let me see if you can look one way today, look another way tomorrow – let me see. That will need serious sadhana, to change even a small physical feature.

That is why most of the yoga is focused towards the body. It is only new-agey stuff which is focused towards the mind because they want to feel good today. They’re not looking for long term transformation. Transformation means that which is old is being systematically dismantled. Change means repaint of the same thing. Change the nose, you will look different but nothing would have changed with you. Change your attitude you will look different suddenly, you will feel different but nothing has changed.

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So this is not a cosmetic art, this is a transformative science. We work at the roots. The sadhana is a tool to extricate you from a phenomenal memory. The slackening of this memory is important if one has to transform. Otherwise your grandfathers and grandmothers and their fathers and their mothers – dead are very greedy people – they will try to live through you. You must leave the dead to the dead otherwise they will crawl up from the earth and live through you. They shouldn’t try to live through you. If they manage to live through you, you will never know what your life is about.

If you allow them to dominate your system, you will become a bundle of compulsions. In many ways unknowingly you will live like them. If you watch your own traits, you will see many things are repeating like your parents. You thought when you were eighteen, “I will never ever be like them,” but by the time you’re forty-five, you sit like your mother, you talk like your mother, you behave like her. These things are happening to you. And not just your mother – your great, great, great grandmother also is playing her own stuff. It’s time, those who are buried should stay buried. That is the way of life. Those who are alive should become more vibrant. Those who are dead should stay dead.

So it’s very important that the sadhana is serious about the body. Body does not mean just bones and muscle. This is a five-layered body ; the sadhana is on all levels. The first three levels of the body we can teach you some technique, and you can keep doing it. But the other dimensions of the body will not be accessible. So what I’m telling you is, the problem is the unknown terrain. Stop struggling with the known terrain. Your psychological status, your emotional nonsense this is known terrain for you. This is something that you should deal with. Known terrain you must handle. There is unknown terrain, that’s where you need me.

Love & Grace