10 Tips That Can Be Your Success Mantras

Everyone aspires for success. Have you ever felt that it comes more easily to some than to others? Perhaps it's time for a new perspective. Read here about Sadhguru's 10 tips for success.
10 Tips That Can Be Your Success Mantras

If you have always felt that success is elusive, perhaps it's time to try something new. Here are 10 success mantras that are useful tips in all that you do.

#1 Forget Luck, Live by Intent

Sadhguru: A few things may happen by chance. But if you wait for the chance, good things will happen to you only when you are in your grave because things may take their time. Even quantum theory says that if you try, you can actually walk through a wall once in a "zillion" times because there is a pulsation of particles happening and you may walk through. It is just that before you reach that one zillionth time, you'll have a cracked skull. When you live by chance, you also live in fear and anxiety. When you live by intent and capability, it does not matter what is happening or not happening, at least you are in control of what is happening to you. It is a more stable life.

#2 Stop Fixating on Failure

Sadhguru: For a committed man, there is no such thing as failure. If you fall down 100 times in the day, it is 100 lessons learnt. If you commit yourself like this to creating what you really care for, your mind gets organized. Once your mind gets organized, your emotions will get organized because the way you think is the way you feel. Once your thought and emotion are organized, your energies and your very body will get organized. Once all these four are organized in one direction, your ability to create and manifest what you want is phenomenal. You are the creator in many ways.

#3 Work with Clarity

Sadhguru: What a human being needs is clarity, not confidence. If you want to walk through a crowd of people, if your vision is clear and you can see where everybody is, you can just walk through the whole crowd without touching anyone. If your vision is not clear but you have confidence, you will walk over everybody. Because there is no clarity, people think that confidence is a good substitute. It just cannot be. Let’s say you make all the major decisions in your life like this: get yourself a coin, flip it. If it’s heads, it’s one way, tails the other. It works 50% of the time. If you are right only 50% of the time, there are only two professions that you can keep – either a weather man or an astrologer. You cannot keep any other job on this planet.

#4  Embrace the People and Things You Dislike

Sadhguru: To handle different kinds of situations in our lives, we need different kinds of identities. If you are fluid about it, if you can change from one to another gracefully, then you can play your role to the hilt and still have no problem with it. But for most people, their personality is like a rock. It sits on them all the time and makes them suffer anything that does not fit into its ambit.

If you have to break that, you have to do something in reverse. This is a simple thing you can do: team up with somebody that you do not like. Spend time with that person, very lovingly, joyfully. Learn to do things that you do not like, be with people that you do not like, and still live your life sensibly, lovingly and joyfully.

#5 Drop Your Calculations

Sadhguru: There is no need to aspire to greatness. If you make the focus and ambit of your life well beyond the concerns of who you are, you will anyway be a great human being. If you look at certain people, greatness happened to them not because they were seeking to be great, but because their way of looking at life was way beyond “what about me?”

If you just drop this one calculation, “What about me?” from your head, and function to the best of your ability, in some way you will be great because you will naturally be looking at, “What can I do about all the life around me?” So, you will naturally enhance your capabilities because there is so much to do!

#6 Yoga For Success

Sadhguru: Both the neurological and energy systems branch out in a big way between the shoulder blades and above. So, keeping the neck region in a good condition is very important. Within 3-4 minutes of doing these neck practices, you will distinctly see that you are much more alert. There is a higher level of neuronal regeneration, and memory and intellectual sharpness also improve.



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#7 Be Equanimous and Exuberant

Sadhguru: To be successful in the world, what you fundamentally need is prowess of the mind and the body. If you want to harness the mind, one of the most important qualities is equanimity. Equanimity gives you access to different dimensions of the mind. If there is no equanimity, your ability to use the mind is greatly reduced. Another important quality is on the level of your energy – you need exuberance, both physiologically and internally. Only when your energies are exuberant do you have the ability to tide over obstacles in day-to-day life and move towards your success. If equanimity and exuberance are brought into your mind and body, success will come to you much more easily.

#8 Tune Up Your Insight

Sadhguru: Insight means you pay attention to life around you in such a way that you are able to see things that most people cannot see. If there is no insight, there is nothing to follow and toil for. Mediocrity can be transformed into extraordinary activity, only when there is a deep insight into something.

#9 Find Your Inspiration

Sadhguru: Another important dimension is to constantly be inspired. Look at the reason why you are doing what you are doing and see the larger dimension of it, the contribution you make through every little thing you do in your life. Every action that human beings perform is a contribution to some dimension of this world. Whatever you may be doing, someone could be benefitted by it. Being conscious of your contribution will keep you inspired.

#10 Set the Gold Standard in Integrity

Sadhguru: Integrity is important because when you want to function in the world, how much trust you generate with the people you interact with determines how easy or hard your daily efforts will be. If there is an atmosphere of trust, your ability to work will be greatly enhanced – simply because everyone will pave the way for you rather than setting up impediments.

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Do you have a method that has brought you success? Please do share in the comments section below, how things are working out in your life with regard to success & failure.

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5 years 9 months ago

very much useful and will follow...

4 years 6 months ago

Probably a 6th mantra... is to include Sadhguru in every aspect of our lives. Guru bhakthi is a tool not just for beyond but also now....

6 years 6 months ago

thaks for the useful tips

4 years 4 months ago

Yes u r right.

6 years 11 months ago

Thanks, the 4th one is just like switching onto different roles as an actor, live with joy..perhaps enjoy being away from the so called identities.

4 years 5 months ago

Success is told once successfully accomplished, until then its failure which we usually go through. One doesn't actually count the number of failures in one life because his or her grief over frequent sorrows overpowers and overlooks the breaking point from failure to success. Fate, luck and fortune are cosmic strings which plays accordingly as per ones karma which is actually forecast. Think positive and overcome your sorrows that in itself brings soul, mind and body to balance your life.

6 years 6 months ago

Dear self,

I could experience the concept explained in point no 2, that Thoughts results in words that results in Emotions and Actions finally end up with deeds of Good/Bad karmas and reaping its rewards.
I have to try the Bitter PILLS explained in point no 4, hope that will give Good results.

Make Your Life Meaningful.

4 years 4 months ago

Assess your risk taking abilities before taking a risk
Person not knowing to swim, plunging in a mighty river ,is bound to die

6 years 11 months ago

Very true....

6 years 1 month ago

to be a successful person it is important to know the invironment in which you are living and we have to judge ourselves that whether we are right or wrong

4 years 4 months ago

You are on aright path.
Acceptance is immensely powerful. Can move the mountains,

5 years 7 months ago


6 years 11 months ago

Thanku, will certainly follow these points.I have been doing Isha kriya for some time that has created a very clear perception, thanks.

4 years 5 months ago

When I had the worst time in my life, I accepted the situation as advised by my guru, , worst time passed over silently.

6 years 1 month ago

generally we say,we should take a big risk to get big success but besides it, we must care a lot over our risk whether that is going exactly with the real process or not regarding with that particular action

5 years 7 months ago

success comes with hard work & sincerity.But some attain success which is through their luck.Destiny also plays a role at times.

4 years 4 months ago

That is good and productive, carry on.

5 years 11 months ago

I try everyday and its a ongoing process of transformation for me..my life is unpredictable, I have gone from having a successful career to having none. I take life one day at a time, I forgave those who hurt me and cleared feelings of anger and animosity I felt for things and people, I want to make peace and live life naturally the way I am inside and that the same reflects my outside. I go with the flow now and try not to force my self to accept any view but the one that reflects me the most!

4 years 4 months ago

Sadguru ,is always a savior

5 years 6 months ago

As i understand if the person really want to be success doesn't matter how many barriers he crossed.

6 years 11 months ago

Very nice tips. I find success comes easily by taking incremental efforts everyday and reviewing where you are going once every day.

5 years 10 months ago

I agree with the comments posted here regarding point 4 but I guess there are two rules that can help overcome. 1. Be honest when you deal with those people. 2. Get your conscience in front (before your emotions) when you interact with them. Most of the time our emotions influence much in deciding the people we don't like. For a change, let conscience decide if we like or don't like them.

5 years 5 months ago

thanks guru ji...

6 years 11 months ago

Thank u,I have to choose the fourth one and change my attitude..

5 years 10 months ago

Really, excellent and marvelous! It's fortunate to have sheer guidance from the Master - Sadhguru. Thanks a million! Pranam.

4 years 4 months ago

A great statement, I ow my head to you sir.

5 years 5 months ago

I just came out of a rough patch in my life and during the most challenging period I embraced my creator as he gave me the support and strength that I needed to survive the storm. I believed in myself and that I will come out of this difficult time and I did. I know now I'm truly blessed because I believed and my faith in my creator never wavered. I'm in a better place now spiritually because I never gave up during the trying times and just focused my mind and energy in the now! I will not live in the past I am now where I want to be and if I'm not there I will wait my turn patiently without any expectations. Success is not achieved until you embraced everything within you and transcend your limitations.

6 years 11 months ago

Ya. correct i have seen this happen, whenever i think what about me the energy level falls drastically in me.

4 years 4 months ago

Let them, who cares,

5 years 10 months ago

Success is about our ability perform with our full capacity...

4 years 2 months ago

This is really inspiring.

5 years 3 months ago

thanks for useful tips

6 years 11 months ago

Thanks for wonderful tips.

5 years 9 months ago

Truly the only process which ever works is to consider every work as Gods work and in that moment of truth, the whole Divine Forces backs you up. Namaste.

4 years ago

Perfect information to live by.

4 years 7 months ago

After extreme depression and despair, I have found to accept and be happy about EVERYTHING, then you can hear your inner voice telling you what to do. It is an ongoing discipline

6 years 10 months ago

I tried with 4th one. People whom i teamed up with started thinking that i have gone mad... :) Basically they very well knew my reaction to their action so when i accepted they thought that i am gone mad.

5 years 9 months ago

A simple belief that 'I can do it' and a simple state of mind that 'this thing is made for me and I will get to it someday' makes all the difference. I worked many times for me and I hope it keeps working!

2 years 7 months ago

Very well written article. It surely inspires a lot of people to achieve their goals in life.

Thanks for sharing

4 years 7 months ago

I used to read motivational books and personality development books. But, nothing helped. Finally I found out from Sadhguru's messages that, following inner integrity will be helpful. It knows all the answers and guides me into the right direction.

Once we start to follow inner integrity, we will be able to do things consciously and ultimately we'll get joy whatever we do.

So my simple technique is "Following inner integrity".

6 years 10 months ago

these are really wonderful tips but among all them the fourth would be the most challenging. I will have to find a way to be able to this but still i am more than willing to give a try. Thank you for this great post.

4 years 4 months ago

Certenely, do good get excellent.