Adiyogi, the human calamity in Uttarakhand, and the need to revive Classical Hata Yoga... Sadhguru spoke on a range of subjects at the Hyderabad Sathsang. Here is a report.


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It was an unexpected pleasure for the meditators of Hyderabad when a sathsang with Sadhguru on 29th June was announced – barely a week before the event. But the quintessential Isha efficiency kicked in, arrangements were made, mailers went out, registrations poured in and at 5.45pm on Saturday evening, about 1200 meditators assembled quietly in N Convention in Madhapur, waiting for Sadhguru. Many sat with their eyes closed, palms upturned... and soon, Sounds of Isha began the proceedings. They performed the beautiful Kabir composition Haman hai ishq mastana and when it was almost time for Sadhguru to walk in, they sang Aaye hain saanware...

Outlining the many tools that the Adiyogi gave us in order to attain our ultimate nature, Sadhguru stressed the need to give him his due.

Sadhguru led the chant Butesha Yogisha Sarvesha and then spoke movingly about the Adiyogi and his immeasurable legacy to humankind. Outlining the many tools that Shiva gave us in order to attain our ultimate nature, Sadhguru stressed the need to give him his due, telling us of his plans to set up Adiyogi shrines in various centers. He also spoke about the floods in Uttarakhand and the human calamity there, going back to his own reminiscences in those mountains, his experience at Kanti Sarovar, and how the young Himalayan ranges are prone to such devastation.

It was a short but electric sathsang, marked by raging winds and pelting rain outdoors. Before he left, Sadhguru took a question about the Hata Yoga School. Asked why he thought to set it up, Sadhguru said that for many years he had not paid Hata Yoga any attention, beyond the necessary preparations by participants for Samyama. However, seeing what passes for yoga in the West, the hazardous innovations that have been made to the sacred process, he thought it important to revive classical yoga and impart it once again the way it was supposed to be. The Hata Yoga School, which starts another batch on July 22nd, is a way to train yoga teachers meticulously, and thereby correct the current trends.

All too soon, Sadhguru had to leave and the chants of Mahadevaya namah rang out. Everyone joined in, glad to have this evening with the Master.