As the coronavirus lockdown continues, these super healthy and easy to make recipes will add a little variety, a little zing and a lot of nutrition to your daily meals. The breakfast delights includes granola, jam, smoothie and a protein shake while the Pumpkin Chat Masala makes a perfect side dish. Heat got you down? No sweat! Try the famous Maharashtra cool drink - Kairi Panha. As you enjoy these delicious recipes, remember to stay at home, stay safe and eat healthy!

Breakfast Delights

Home-made Granola Crunch Recipe

Here’s an easy homemade granola (muesli) recipe, perfect as a quick snack or crunchy breakfast. A worthy substitute for a store bought granola, which usually contains high amounts of sugar, unhealthy fats and oils.

Date Delight

Want to shake up your kids' breakfast? This date smoothie is quick to make, energy-packed and super healthy!


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Home-made Papaya-Tamarind Jam

Add a delightfully tangy twist to your morning toast with this foolproof jam recipe. It has about half the sugar found in most ready-made varieties and no artificial colorings or preservatives.

Groundnut-Banana Shake: The Ultimate Pranic Protein Drink

Looking for a daily protein fix? Here’s a healthy, tasty and totally vegetarian protein shake that is just bursting with vitality!

Scrumptious Side Dishes

Butter Fruit and Drumstick Leaf Chutney Recipe

Try out these two tasty and versatile chutney recipes from the Isha kitchen!

Pumpkin Chana Masala Recipe

Here’s a lip-smacking Pumpkin Chana Masala recipe, that’s rich in Vitamin A, C and Beta-Carotene.

Delicious Drinks

Kairi Panha - Raw Mango Drink

Kairi Panha is a traditional raw mango drink from Maharashtra. Here are three different preparations to choose from

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