Questioner: Why is meditation the quality of Dhyanalinga?

Sadhguru: Why we have chosen meditation for the Dhyanalinga and why it is the predominant quality – it's not that devotion is out. Devotion is fine, but the predominant quality of the Dhyanalinga and the work that we do is meditation, not devotion. This is simply because though devotion is definitely the quickest way for one to grow, devotion can be very, very deceptive. You know it, isn't it? Today you think you are absolutely devoted, tomorrow morning one little thing goes wrong and your devotion just evaporates. That is not the nature of meditation though – you can't deceive yourself. Maybe it will not happen to you for a long time but when it happens, it happens. There is no going back on it. 

So we have chosen meditation because thinking minds and devotion don't go so well together. If you could become simply devote, then we would have definitely pushed you into devotion because that would be a quicker way to grow. But the problem with devotion is you do not know whether you are going forward or backward. You will not know which way you are going because it is just emotion – raising emotion to such a pitch that it will break barriers for you. But there is no check or control on it and thinking minds can be very deceptive with devotion. Devotion may not happen, just deception may happen. So the main quality of the Dhyanalinga is meditation. 


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