Through these quotes, Sadhguru explains how "true devotion means becoming the hand of the Divine".

True devotion means becoming the hand of the Divine. Whatever comes your way, you will know how to transform it into something beautiful.

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For those who have nurtured the fire of devotion within them, there is no light and darkness, no up and down, no joy and misery.

Quotes about devotion

Bowing down to what seems powerful is natural. Bowing down to what seems weak and worthless – that’s great. That’s devotion.

Devotional quotes


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Devotion is when your involvement with life is so absolute that you yourself do not matter anymore.

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Devotion is not a concept, ideology, or act – it is an agent of dissolution.

thought on devotion from Sadhguru

Intellect wants to conquer the truth. Devotion just embraces the truth.

Sadhguru thoughts on devotion

When devotion arises, life becomes profound.

Sadhguru quotes on devotion

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