Thaipoosam this year on 27th January marks the culmination of the 21-day Shivangi Sadhana, which has been a dedicated time for thousands of women to deeply connect with the passionate and exuberant energies of the Linga Bhairavi Devi. On Thaipoosam, Shivangis from across the world will crown their sadhana with a pilgrimage to the Devi temple, by participating in a powerful process and expressing their devotion through Dhanya Arpana, an offering of grains. There will also be a unique Dhanya Arpana Aarati, to give thanks for the grace and benediction that is the Devi. The temple will be drenched in an atmosphere of vibrancy and rejoicing, with a colorful array of music and dance by Sounds of Isha and the gifted children of Isha Samskriti.

Thaipoosam is a very, very significant day in the spiritual culture of this nation, particularly in Southern India. It's a particular full moon day in the year, which is the first full moon day after the change of the equinox from South to North. There have been so many wonderful beings, yogis, siddhas who have chosen to shed their body on this day. Generally it's known as ‘Dhanya Pournami’, that means a pournami of fulfillment.


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Shivanga Sadhana for men will commence on Thaipoosam. This is the beginning of an intense 42-day period for men to enhance their spiritual receptivity with specific tools that Sadhguru has offered for the first time this year. Shivangas will be initiated into a potent sadhana at the Yoga Center as well as at centers all over the world.

This day is also the sixteenth anniversary of the Mahasamadhi of Sadhguru’s wife Viji. To commemorate this Aradhana, there will be an outpouring of chants and songs, that were cherished by her, at a special event in the Adi Yogi Alayam.

We also wish to express our gratitude to the many, many Sevadhars who dedicate their lives to the Yoga Center. Working here has become much more than a means of livelihood for them; Annadhanam will be offered to Sevadhars and this will be an opportunity for us to serve them with food. We will be joined by the children of Isha Home School and Isha Samskriti.

You are invited to come and be part of the celebrations at the Isha Yoga Center and make this Thaipoosam memorable and exhilarating for one and all. The schedule of events is tabulated below (timings are subject to change).



6:30 AM onwardsLinga Bhairavi temple opens with a musical offering by Sounds of Isha
 Daanya Arpana Aarti at Linga Bhairavi temple
 Music and dance performances outside Linga Bhairavi temple
7:00 AM onwardsSuryakund and Chandrakund open for men and women
 Shivangi Sadhana process for women in Adi Yogi Alayam
10:15 AMMahasamadhi celebrations in Adi Yogi Alayam
1:00 PMAnnadanam for Sevadhars
2:30 PMShivanga Sadhana initiation for men