World Environment Day Celebrations at Isha Project GreenHands

4 million saplings in 2018 - Planting season begins!

On World Environment Day, while Isha Volunteers all over the world were campaigning for a ban on single-use plastic to beat plastic pollution, another kind of environmental activity was happening on the home grounds - the tree planting season launch of Isha Project GreenHands (PGH) in Tamil Nadu!

PGH has planned to raise 4 million saplings through its 35 Isha Nurseries across the state this year. These will be distributed to people for plantation.

Sapling distribution, awareness rallies by school children, plantation of saplings and many such events were conducted in 27 locations such as Bannari, Bhavani Sagar, Chengalpet, Chamraj Nagar, Chennai, Cuddalore, Erode, Gobichettipalayam, Hasanur, Kallakurichi, Kanchipuram, Karur, Madurai, Namakkal, Neyveli, Pondicherry, Pulinjur, Thanjavur, Tirunelveli, Tiruppur, Srivaikundam, Thiruvarur, Trichy, and Villupuram to celebrate World Environment Day.

The United Nations Environment’s theme of Beat Plastic Pollution was highlighted in every event, where people of all ages and from all walks of life took an oath to switch to eco-friendly products and avoid plastic.


The Launch of PGH Online Campaign for Tree Planting

Today, almost everyone realizes the importance of planting trees. But in reality, city-dwellers do not have resources in terms of space or time to plant them.

To enable people to realize their tree-planting dreams, PGH has launched an online tree-planting campaign. All it takes is Rs.100 or $1.5 per tree. As soon as you make a donation, you will receive a tree certificate with a tree code. There upon, PGH will:

  • Let you know where your trees have been planted (GPS coordinates of farmland)
  • Name of the farmer growing your tree

What is PGH’s Role in All This?

PGH’s agroforestry team visits the farmlands and guides the farmers as to what type of trees are best suited for their farmland. A combination of fruit, fodder and timber trees are suggested. Once the farmer plants the trees, the agroforestry team will undertake the monitoring of the trees planted for a period of 2 years. In this period, the farmer will be provided goat manure, cow dung and other organic matter which will help the growth of trees. Farmers are also be provided tools to help in the pruning and care of their crops. PGH also ensures that re-plantation happens for all the trees that don’t survive.

This year, PGH aims to enable the planting of 300,000 trees under the agroforestry initiative.

And one or many of these trees can be yours too! Plant a tree with us!

Every tree counts!

Editor’s Note: Project GreenHands encourages everyone to connect back with Mother Earth by increasing the amount of green cover on the planet. For a nominal donation, we will help you take the first step in planting a tree and reducing your carbon footprint. Sign up here and see your trees grow!

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