Even if you don’t own a piece of land, you can still add a dash of greenery to your house. There’s always that old, tried-and-tested method of using clay pots, but if you want to do something different, take a look at Project GreenHands’ ideas on creating a container garden!

Got a busted bucket lying around your house? Or a mangy, old pair of shoes? Don’t toss them in the trash heap yet. That’s all you need to create your own little vegetable garden at home.

Bathroom Bonanza

Instead of chucking out those old buckets and mugs or lugging away that heavy bath tub, use them to plant a little bumper crop of your own.

GreenHands to GreenFeet

Maybe your kids have outgrown their shoes and rainboots, or maybe you just decided to go for a change in style, but don’t get rid of that old pair yet. They can be used to grow herbs. But remember to drill some holes at the bottom of the shoe for drainage so that you don’t drown whatever you plant in them.


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Canned food redefined!

Tin cans are generally good for smaller plants like herbs, while larger cans can sometimes accommodate small veggies.


Got lots of old bricks in your yard? Collect them all and turn them into a spiral garden for planting herbs and smaller veggies!

Don’t tire of tyres

You can often find old tyres lying by the side of the road, and tyre shops will sometimes give you old ones for free because otherwise they need to pay to dispose of them. Turn that trash into stacked potato planters!

When you’re going for a container garden, remember that the space for the plant is limited. Always choose plants that do not require a huge radius to thrive. Carrots, radish, potato, peas, cilantro, and mushrooms can be grown in containers.


Project GreenHands

Project GreenHands has over 100 volunteer driven nurseries spread across Tamil Nadu. As the name indicates, these are nurseries that are established thanks to the support of volunteers who during weekends and in their free time, help out in nursery activities like filling pockets, sowing seeds, watering, weeding etc. This year, our volunteer nurseries plan to top last year’s total of 2.5 million saplings.  If you wish to but are unable to volunteer at one of these nurseries, we hope these container gardens will bring a little greenery into your life!

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