Effervescence of nectar seeking bird
Effervescence of a truant school boy
Effervescence of a stung Romeo
Effervescence of fish, flower and fiend

Beyond good and evil there is life
To live and to know life and deeper life
Is touched only by the effervescent

The effervescent one will transcend
the Inertia of Death.
Deathless is he who knows
Effervescence without purpose.


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Inertia of the un-prompt
Inertia of the unenthusiastic
Inertia of the uncaring
Inertia of the unloving
Will miss the effervescence of life
Life is just the overflow of the
Effervescent source of creation

Inertia is an invite to Death
Inertia is the process of becoming inert.
Inertia in attitude and practice
Is about establishing rigor mortis
In Installments.

Life and Death are same energy; question is of Effervescence or Inertia. Effervescence of life can be fettered in many ways, essentially by our own actions or imprints we create our karma. Each individual is a mix of Effervescence and Inertia, or a combination of Life and Death. Every aspect of our life, from what we eat to how we breathe, sit and stand is constantly contributing to either of these two aspects.

Yoga is the science of mastering these two for a life beyond these fluctuations.

May your effervescence overflow to touch peaks of what human life has to offer.

Love & Bliss