Can Man and Woman Ever Be Equal?

Sadhguru explains that being equal does not mean being same, and that today, we are unfortunately trying to fit a woman into a masculine world.
Can Man and Woman Ever Be Equal?

Is gender equality possible? Sadhguru explains that being equal does not mean being same, and that today, we are unfortunately trying to fit a woman into a masculine world.

Read in Hindi: क्या स्त्री कभी पुरुष के बराबर हो सकती है?
స్త్రీ, పురుషుల సమానత్వం ఎప్పటికైనా సాధ్యమా….?

Q: Sadhguru, is gender equality achievable? When there are inherent differences, how can the two genders be equal?

Sadhguru: I think in today’s context, we have misunderstood the word “equal”. Equal does not mean same. Equal means equal opportunity, equal regard, equal respect, but not sameness of action. If you bring sameness of activity, you will put the woman to great disadvantage in most areas of life outside. You will put men to disadvantage in certain other areas of life. And above all, inefficiency will prevail – women trying to do what men are good at, men trying to do what women are good at and making a mess of it. By training, everyone can do everything. But natural aptitude should be made use of. If that is not done, mediocre levels of activity will happen. It is best to make use of natural aptitude. Who is to decide who should do what? Why should it be pre-decided that this is what a man can do and that is what a woman can do? Let the individual person decide.

Changing Times

Today, the playing field has changed and so many activities have become common among men and women, which was not possible in the past. A thousand years ago, most people were living in villages and there was jungle all around. There were wild animals everywhere. Back then, tigers were not pussycats that needed to be protected, they were ferocious creatures which struck terror in your heart. There was no store to buy something from. Every day, you had to either hunt or pluck something from somewhere and come. A man was definitely better off going out and doing this job. And there was another biological responsibility for a woman –she bore children. If she went out into the jungle with a little baby, she might come back empty-handed. So women were protected because children were there, and the man went out to procure food. This was an ideal distribution of work.

Why should it be pre-decided that this is what a man can do and that is what a woman can do? Let the individual person decide.

But now, technology has leveled the playing field. Getting food means going to the superstore. A woman can do it better than a man. Earning a living does not mean throwing a spear. It means typing something on a keyboard. She does that better too because she does not have to get up every hour, scratch herself, smoke a cigarette and again go and sit. If she sits down to work, she will simply do it. Women are doing these kinds of things better than men. This is not evolution of human mind or women’s liberation or masculine magnanimity. This is just advancement of technology. The playing field has become reasonably level.

Equal Roles

So equality is never in question, but sameness is a stupid thing to do. Instead of trying to fit a woman into a masculine world, it is time we structure society and the world so that there is an equal role for masculine and feminine. The society we have created is so super-masculine, it is not even good for a man, forget about a woman. Right now, it is badly tilted against her and she is desperately trying to fit into the man’s world, which is unfortunately taking its toll. And when it takes a toll on her, a general disruption of life happens.

We need to restructure many things in this society, so that there is an equal role for masculine and feminine aspects of nature. As a masculine, aggressive way of doing things is needed on one level, aesthetics, music and being sensitive to things must become equally important.

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4 years 1 month ago

Points to be thought of !!!

4 years 1 month ago

i think the author has lost his mind or is a feminist or a poor mangina. today's society is too feminized. Men are emasculated. Boys in school are given pills to be like girls. Anyone who doesnt behave like a girl is a bad student where as both have different nature and both of them learn differently. from water or soda bottle to our food everything has chemicals which increase estrogen (female hormone) in our body making humans (males and female ) more feminine day by day. Today's world is poisonously misandrist, gynocentric and overly feminized which is driving more and more men away from marriage and to suicide who are already in marriage.

4 years 1 month ago

Mr Gajendra,
You say our society is a feminist's society... Hmm. Maybe that is why in India alone, at least 1 woman suffers from domestic abuse every 5 minutes.
You also claim that men are becoming more feminine... Ah-a! Maybe that is why more than 845 women rape cases are reported every year (mind you, REPORTED. many more actually happen) and you say that boys are being fed pills to become like girls... Ahem. Maybe that is why female foeticide is still so common that almost 500000 baby girls are killed in the womb or at birth in India. Going by ur logic it is more convenient to birth a boy and change his sex than to give birth to an actual girl. Wow.

I don't know which school would force boys to take estrogens pills... But it sure seems like your school overdosed you on 'idiot' pills.

4 years 1 month ago

None of your statistics have any base of citation so it seems you pulled them out of thin air. I can just skew your statistics and replace women with men and female with male but I will give you some stats which you can verify online. Only 13% of total cases of rape and domestic violence are proven valid on court and the whopping 87% area false allegations which shows the are more female perpetrators than female victims,that is 87% of the females are culprits and abusers pretending to be victims and only 13% are victims. These stats are from supreme Court and women's commission of india. More men committ suicide than women due to domestic abuse. This number is thrice ad that of women in India. This again You can verify. If 845 rapes are reported every year and if u apply the Supreme Court and women's commission of indias stats of 13% being the valid cases then it's nearly 110 rapes per year in a country with 1.5 billion people which makes India the safest country for women in the world. If a female foeticide happens then they won't go and register saying I did a female foeticide so there is no way of knowing it thus your numbers of female foeticide are made out of thin air. just see how these numbers are an exact 500000 and not 4981742,it's a solid even number made of just 2 digits. You feminist manginas make such stupid stats or if ton air and assume that you will go uncountered. More men committ suicide due to domestic violence which can be verified with names and numbers per year. Now men die at work than women bcz these equality seeking feminists won't work at borders in equal numbers or at places like mining. Also this guru knows no shit about women in old days. Women in old days stayed home only during pregnancies but rest of the time they always accompanied man in farming and some times hunting too. My own grand MA use to get firewood from jungles and many a times hide in thorn bushes to avoid wolves or tigers. Entire villages user to do so. Unless women share equal responsibilities and equal accountability before equal rights they will never be happy.

3 years 8 months ago

What are you talking about.. Your comment is not in context with the Post. The post is about Can two genders be equal... yes they can be equally good in some activities. But this was not possible earlier. The post is not about food, water, soda etc. Its about where our generation is going.. the mindset of people.

3 years 2 months ago

Gagendra: Your comments seem straight out of some personal frustration with man-woman equality, or possibly some rage against Sadhguru.

This article in no way talks in favor of one of the two genders. The very essence is to stop chasing equality as change in the course of nature, instead respect one another's strength and build a world around it.

How tough is that to comprehend?