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Isha Sanghamitra

Crafting a Conscious Planet

“Beautiful things do not happen because someone wishes it. Beautiful things happen because someone makes them happen. Are you that someone…” - Sadhguru

What is Isha Sanghamitra?

In the Yogic culture, Sangha refers to a spiritual community and Mitra means friend. A Sanghamitra is one who is a friend to the spiritual community.

Isha Sanghamitra is a unique opportunity and commitment to become an integral part of Sadhguru’s vision to create a more conscious humanity by offering at least one drop of spirituality to every human being on the planet.

Being a Sanghamitra involves making a recurring monthly donation for a period of your choice.

No donation is too small or too big. Please support us in whichever way you can.

Life at Isha

I never knew there was a place like this where I could devote myself fully to serving people, with no concern of being exploited. The joy and freedom of being able to do that everyday is a fortune for me! I always feel like I'm cared for. I bow down to the people who have made this place happen.

- Aditi Narayan

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