Sadhguru explains that the one thing missing in today's world is the raising of human consciousness. Since this generation is hugely empowered with technology, it's extremely important that we learn to act consciously.

Sadhguru: Right now the most important thing in the world is human consciousness. Tremendous technologies have come. All these technologies if they have to become meaningful force in human well being, it is first the human being that we need to work on.

Great things are available on our hands, but if we don’t have human beings who are on a certain level of perception and wisdom, then all these technologies can be a big disaster for humanity. At least if you were not empowered with technology, maybe we didn’t have to so much bother about human consciousness, we could have allowed another 500 years of stupidity, but not anymore. The way the technology is growing, if human beings don’t grow accordingly, we are going to make a big disaster out of everything. Do you see the disaster always lurking on the edge? Hmm? It can just happen any moment. So, when we’re hugely empowered, when we are… slowly with the aid of science and technology we are becoming like giants; if you were just an ant, it was okay how you walk, you can crawl up on anybody, it’s alright. Once you become a giant you better walk carefully, isn’t it? Extremely carefully; otherwise every step will be a disaster. So, in many ways humanity has become a huge giant, hugely empowered. It’s time that they walk very, very cautiously with full awareness; otherwise they will step upon themselves and finish it off.

There are some things that need to happen around us. This is not my mission; it is not my life’s mission that I have to fulfill it if it doesn’t happen I will die unsatisfied, there is no such thing for me. There are people for whom somethings are needed. Anyway we are doing some nonsense in our life. Let’s do something useful. That’s all. Anyway some nonsense we have to do isn’t it? You cannot keep quiet. I can keep quiet without doing anything. You cannot keep quiet anyway you do something why don’t you do something which is useful. Why don’t you do something which will touch people’s lives that’s all. So reaching out to another human being need not happen because you have taken a vow ‘I am going to do it’ keep your humanity active anyway it will happen how can you not do it – how can you not do it that you hold as a part of yourself. So when it comes from that it will happen gently well if you take up a mission somebody will become your enemy you know whatever the mission if you stand up for a mission there will be someother mission which will stand against you. So don’t take up a mission. Just keep your humanity in full force. What has to happen what you can do will anyway happen. So you yourself cannot go to a village you yourself cannot go to the slum and do all that somebody else is doing it atleast do something to make that happen that’s all.