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Isha Sanghamitra

Crafting a Conscious Planet

“Beautiful things do not happen because someone wishes it. Beautiful things happen because someone makes them happen. Are you that someone…” - Sadhguru

What is Isha Sanghamitra?

Some needs are so great, and the effort required to fill those needs so small, that we cannot turn away.

With a shift in human consciousness, there is a promising future of inclusiveness, raising every human being to the peak of their potential, so they are in harmony within themselves and the world.

In the Yogic culture, Sangha refers to a spiritual community and Mitra means friend. A Sanghamitra is one who is a friend to the spiritual community.

Isha Sanghamitra is a unique opportunity to join in Sadhguru’s mission, and commit to becoming an integral part of his vision. It is your chance to become a partner in support of Sadhguru’s objective, to create a more conscious humanity, by offering at least one drop of spirituality to every human being on the planet.

Your support as a Sanghamitra with a recurring monthly donation, for a period of your choice, can be that small effort that makes all the difference. However large or small your monthly contribution, you will be a vital part in nurturing a thriving and conscious humanity. There is no greater need. And no effort is too small.

Life at Isha

I never knew there was a place like this where I could devote myself fully to serving people, with no concern of being exploited. The joy and freedom of being able to do that everyday is a fortune for me! I always feel like I'm cared for. I bow down to the people who have made this place happen.

- Aditi Narayan

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