A questioner asks if there is truth in the slogan 'Ignorance is Bliss'. "You must live out of your awareness and intelligence, not by slogans", says Sadhguru. He then goes on to explain that if you remain ignorant about life and try and do things, life will get you.

Full Transcript:

Questioner: They say ignorance is bliss. Do you believe in it and why?

Sadhguru: Ignorance is bliss till life bites your head off. Till then it is bliss. Do one thing, you climb the tallest building in Bombay, just be ignorant of the gravitational forces, just jump. You will see it will be so blissful till you hit the ground.Till then it’s really blissful, actually. Have you ever done any sky diving? You must do. You go 25-20,000 feet up in the air and just jump off, it’s just fantastic but it is just that the earth is rushing at you. If that one little ball is not there it’s just fantastic, you know? So ignorance is bliss till you get smashed. In that small period it’s wonderful. What’s there to believe or disbelieve in it? If you’re ignorant and you try to do things, will life get you or no? Hum? Will life get you or no? Then why are you asking me such questions? Don’t you have enough experience to know if you’re ignorant about something and enter that sphere of life it’s going to get you? Yes or no?

Questioner: Yes.

Sadhguru: First of all, stop trying to live by slogans. Why are you trying to live by slogans? You must live out of your awareness and intelligence, not out of a slogan, isn’t it? If you go by slogans, slogans are for crowds who have no intelligence, just to make them believe something and do a specific act but not for life. You cannot handle life with a slogan, isn’t it? It is just like you don’t want to apply yourself to your life. You want to just pass life without involvement. Why are you seeking a slogan or a formula or a advice or a philosophy in your life? Simply because you are unwilling to apply yourself to every little thing in your life. Please tell me, shall I do it this way or that way? There is no this way or that way. You have to look at every situation carefully, every moment of your life carefully if you want to live well, isn’t it? Isn’t it so? Do you know electricity will kill you? Hum? Hum? If you’re ignorant of it, if you stick your finger into that one, will it make you blissful? Yes? Hum?

Sadhguru: Then why do ask such a question? Obviously not, you know. Everybody knows but they can’t give up their slogans because somewhere there is a hope that I can live here without applying myself. No. Without involvement there is no life. Without involvement there cannot be life and it’s good. People who do not know involvement will not know life because if you think this life is not worth involving into, you should not be alive actually, isn’t it so? Yes? Such a phenomenal life, if you were seeing how to avoid involvement actually you should not be alive. It’s a disgrace to your Creator that you’re unwilling to involve yourself.