In this 2-part video, Sadhguru reminds us to stop living with yesterday. Telling us about the trap our memories and impressions of life could become, he asks that we stop crafting our lives around "that which is dead."

Full Transcript:

Questioner: Namaskaram Sadhguru, you spoke about becoming a salt doll and plunging into the ocean but what is that state like when you are a salt doll but you have not yet plunged, what is… like can you describe that state what it is?

Sadhguru: Aah, can somebody run to the kitchen and get a spoon-full of salt, put it in his mouth he will know how it feels.

Salt is good only if in a small quantity it mixes with something, only if it mixes. If you found this big ball of salt in your sambar… if it mixes then only it's good. It’s merged, if not with the samundar (Ocean) at least with sambar; only when it merges with something it is good. If it sticks out salt is bad, you know. So that’s how life will feel, if you stick out that’s how it feels. Most people on this planet do not know a moment of absolute ease, forget about blissfulness, forget about ecstasy, forget about anything else, they do not know what is ease. It's the most basic thing; lot of other creatures know this. You see, a dog has eaten well, okay totally at ease. Human beings do not know what is ease; most people do not know what is ease. That’s why they have so much disease. Yes. To simply be able to sit here, just to simply sit - no, it's going on all the time. So that’s how life will be because you’re too full of salt.

You know these terms are used in so many different ways. When we say salt, it's the essence in a way. If you say ‘salt of the earth’ it means the essence of it you’ve taken. So when we say you are a salt doll or if you become one it is the essence. The essence of your personality right now is just your ideas, your emotions, your opinions, a bundle of prejudices that you carry; this is what the essence of your personality and this may be hugely fired by the karmic influence. Memory, this is what makes you who you are. So this is your salt. The essence of your personality is just what you remember of yesterday or the previous moment. If we just wipe out your memory from all levels not just from your mind, including your body if you wipe out all memory, there will be no such thing as a person anywhere. If there is no person there is just life. If there is just life, if you sit here just as a piece of life you will throb as life. If you throb as life you will instantly experience that life is happening in tandem with the whole Existence, never separately because it cannot exist separately and never ever has it happened separately, always one with everything. It is only your personality which is happening separately. That is the salt - your ideas, your opinions, your philosophies, your ideologies - when you complicate your ideas it becomes an ideology, your emotions which are just another expression of the same thing, your prejudices - another expression of the same thing. Essentially you are investing in your memory or essentially you invest in that which is dead.

You are an undertaker. Your business is with the dead. All the time your life is about what is over. Everything that you are is about what is already over. So because you are an undertaker you will live in a certain jumpy condition.