Can a yogi learn to travel through time? Sadhguru explains, no need to travel anywhere – everywhere is already here.

Full Transcript:

Questioner: So we’ve read about lot of yogis who travel across time, in a fraction of second they have travelled from India to china, that’s where some of the…
Sadhguru: But those times nobody was going to China. (Laughter) Only now everybody is going to China.
Questioner: They can travel in a fraction of second. Is that the travel just the travel… through mind or body? Or if such a travel happens, is it possible?
Sadhguru: If such a travel happens, is it possible? If it happens, it’s happened. (Laughter) You’re from Chennai? Ah, you’re going visiting theosophical societal library?
Questioner: No.
Sadhguru: Okay. (Laughs) Okay. I thought you were reading theosophy. (Laughs) So time travel, tch… There's no need to travel. Time and space is an illusion created by your mind. If you transcend that there’s no here and there, there is no now and then. So if you are like that, if there are willing recipients… See right now, suppose we have a transmitter here… See right now it’s happening actually. I am speaking here. See no wires; these wires are not connected to me. See! No wires. I am speaking here; it’s coming out all over the place. Yes? No wires. Because it’s transmitting. Because it’s transmitting what I speak here is all over the place. So your ability to transmit yourself, to what extent you can, simply depends on to what extent you are not. Is it physical, is it mental, is it this, is it that? These are all divisions made by your mind.
Can you exactly divide where is your body and where is your mind? Do you know? Tell me where is your mind. Body you know, because you have a broken hand. (Laughter) It tells you, ‘I am here.’ But do you know where is your mind? Do you know where it is?
Questioner: ___ (Inaudible)
Sadhguru: No, no, do you know where it is? I’m not asking what your mind is thinking of, I’m asking where is your mind right now. You don’t know where it is. Have you ever seen it? Then why are you talking about things that you have not seen and you do not know? (Laughter/Applause) you don't even know whether it’s there or not, isn’t it? See you have not seen it, you have not experienced it, so how do you know that it is there? Just words, throwing out words that everybody else is using, isn’t it?
So is it mind, is it body, is it energy - these are divisions that your mind makes. We can talk in that context only for the sake of understanding, not for the sake of perception, not for the sake of experience. You cannot experience your mind or your body or anything else separately, isn’t it? If you did not have a mind, could you experience the body? Hmm? No. So do you know where is your mind Donan now? Do you know? No. So, (Laughs) it is just you. Do you understand? Rest is all made up. ‘You’ is good enough. Don’t make up too many things. Don’t make up too many things, because you’re only confusing the whole issue. Instead of simplifying the issue, you’re confusing the issue, you’re complicating the issue. So time, space, these are all made up in your head. Such things don't exist. If you simply sit here, not being a victim of your mind, what is here is there, what is there is here. You didn't go anywhere, everything was here, that's all. So… I don't want to go into stories now. Hmm? Don’t want, isn’t it? Dinner is getting cold.