∞ 4/16

The longing for the Infinite
From infancy gave me eyes that
looked beyond what lay before me.
This far-away look was not for
the far or the near
But for not being finite
As all that is finite has a
bond that I could recognize
but could not reconcile.

The Glory and Ecstasy of the
Infinite showered itself
in abundance to make me
human in ways that most
humans have never explored
In ways that obliterate the
line between human and divine.


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But the finite has its fun
and fanfare. The world is finite
So is the body and so is the mind
and so is all creation.

Creation and all forces of creation
just a complex number game
All of it having their play
within the boundaries of the Zero.


CHUK. Yes, just one more step away from being a licensed pilot. With FAA test behind me, the only thing that could not be fulfilled is the 5-hour solo cross-country due to time and weather constraints. The test, with only 4 days preparation time, I was forced to do 18-20 hour slog in trying to understand technicalities of aerodynamics, heli-engineering, navigation, aviation regulations, aviation conventions and the lingo. Did well in spite of the math involved. Something that I had not done even in my school time. A record of sorts for the numbers I got. Reaching toward 100 is a bit embarrassing as all my life I have been closer to 0. Well, it is only this time around that my life truly depends on what I had to study and grasp.

The Shambhavi initiation in New Jersey went off very well with over 350 participants (big number for USA). The online Inner Engineering program is a wonder; it is a better preparatory tool than the live program. The participants were a mixed and a wonderful bunch. There are steps being taken to pitch up the Inner Engineering Online program through meditator-run companies. Now, anyone or a group of people can form a company to promote Inner Engineering Online and it is a lucrative proposition for them, over and above the joy of making it happen for a lot of people.

In New York for 3 days with a few talks and mostly business meetings. If these meetings bear fruit, the business end of Isha is ready to go big time. These are being created as a sustainable solution for the education projects in rural India. Unless we educate rural masses in India, the nation cannot really move ahead. There is a serious lapse in this area. The numbers that are being projected do not paint the real picture.

My brush with the art crowd in New York has been interesting. In the next hour, I am spending some time with one of the foremost artists in America. If time allows, may paint a picture or two in the near future.

Love and Blessings