J ust back from the enchanting island of Mauritius. A place of many flavors and people -- Arab sailors discovered it, the Portuguese visited, the Dutch, French and British settled, and the population a mix of Indians, Africans, French, English, Chinese…The food hard-core exotic, a hybrid of three continents.

Four days of work and play. An introductory talk was well-attended, facilitated by the High Commissioner of India, the former Minister of Education and a few people from Mauritius who worked hard to make this happen. The people of Mauritius are keen to build a center, and with the right support, this could happen. The first step we are now taking in new regions is to start with Isha Kriya - One Drop Spirituality - to build a solid foundation. When this picks up, it would give me good reason to get back.

Wonderful meetings with the Prime Minister and President, and a very interesting trip to the Grand Bassin, or the ‘Ganga Talao’ as known by Indo-Mauritians. A lake situated atop a volcanic crater, the view stunning. It is said that the water from the lake communicates with the Ganga, and there are plans by the local community to consecrate a linga. Was invited for a visit - it was touching to see the gentleness and devotion with which this place is being cared for, and the warmth with which we were welcomed.


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Three days of golf was just incredible, incredible. Breathtaking scenery, lagoons, wonderful weather…

They say the volcanoes of Mauritius are not dead but ‘dormant’ and could awaken in a few thousand years. Still enough time for a few more rounds of golf…

Love & Grace